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    We're going back to Negril for our second trip in February. We're both using resort credit to get a massage. My question - what is the protocol for a guy during a massage? Can I be naked, do I have to wear a swimsuit or towel of some sort? How do the masseuses deal with that? I know the bartenders on the A/N side don't give a hoot, but I'm just curious. I don't want to do something that would be seen as out of bounds.

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    Both males and females can be nude. You are draped with a sheet and they move the sheet to uncover the portion of the body they are going to massage. So it is not really a "nude" massage as you are covered by the sheet.

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    You get Totally Naked (like the beer ). They'll give you a towel to cover your nether regions. I hope you are doing a couples massage. They are awesome. The masseuses there aren't as timid as most U.S. ones, and they do a great job.
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    wrong post
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    Good to hear. 60 more days...

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