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    I have seen the Lychee Pad Thai often recommended as a "must try" dish at CN, and I am planning to do so. I've read that in some recipes fish sauce is an ingredient. Would this dish at Lychee have a fish taste, because if so I will reconsider. Also, would it be considered very spicy (no problem there). Thanks!

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    I had the Chicken Pad Thai as often as my wife would let me and I got no fish taste there at all. The Shrimp Pad Thai may be different though.

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    I love the Pad Thai at Lychee. I don't like fish so I definitely didn't think it was fishy. It was not very spicy. I heard some people ask them to make it spicy.

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    I can NOT stand the taste of fish! The Pad Thia tastes nothing like fish. It is marvelous and if you like it spicy just ask for the extra kick. I like mine with extra kick, it rocks!
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