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    Default "How's the Weather?"

    I thought I 'd start a thread for weather related general questions, as we seem to get a lot of these each week. As even meteorologists are about 50/50 on accurate weather forecasting, we're probably as good at doing it since many of us go year to year, different months, etc.

    Here are a few helpful links to kick the thread off:

    Current weather in MoBay:

    Weather "through the year" based on averages, patterns...a general "what to expect":

    Helpful tip (of the day?):

    Yes, it does tend to rain almost every day, so that forecast on your IPhone isn't wrong...just incomplete. The rain usually lasts only an hour or so, happens mostly in the afternoons, and the sun comes back.
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    Itís pretty much boring all year around. Rain in the afternoons that makes beautiful sunsets and HOT, HOT, HOT.

    Thanks for the links. I look at the Caribbean satellite loop almost every day.

    Life is good

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    Here's a couple of links for Negril Weather(CSA's Wunderground weather station):


    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    When we were there is September it rained everyday but one. As stated above, maybe for an hour. Usually around 3:30 to 4:30. In this general area. I think one day out of the rest it rained longer. But we just sat in the pool or hut tub and had fun.

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    We got married in Negril May 10, 2010 at 10:00 a.m. at Couples Swept Away and watched the weddings (our room was right above where they did the weddings) all week.
    10:00 a.m. is the perfect time.
    The lighting is best for the photographs.
    It is the COOLEST part of the day.
    Good luck!
    Our wedding was perfect!

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    Iced Coffee -

    We have been to Jamaica and Couples for a total of 40 days and it only rained hard on two of those days...once for 45 minutes and once for a little over an hour. Then the sun comes out and in an hour everything is dry again. About 4 other days it was cloudy and sprinkled a little, but never really started raining. We spent 8 days at CSS in March of '09 and it never rained once. Always sunny too. But, you must remember, you are going to the tropics where it can rain anytime. I would just be prepared to postpone the wedding an hour or so if it does rain.
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    Default July weather

    We were at CSS from July 17 - July 23 and it rained every day but one. We only saw two sunsets the whole time. But it didn't rain ALL day......

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    Quote Originally Posted by IcedCoffee View Post
    Hi Everyone - any reassuring words would be welcome, I am considering having my wedding at the 10am slot at CSS in the first week of May 2011. I am concerned about rain as I REALLY want great pictures! Reassuring words, anyone, anyone?
    Fake it if you have to so you don't worry too much. The important thing is that you and your future spouse are going to get married and the other important thing is that you will be in the tropical beauty of CSS for at least 3 nights. If it happens to rain on your wedding day, enjoy it for the special ceremony that it is and then the next day, throw the dress or suit back on and snap some one will know the difference and you can think of it as two wedding days...for my wife and I, every day at Couples is like a new wedding day just has that effect. Enjoy your wedding days!

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    No fear, May is a fabulous time to be there. We usually travel up to mid-late June and in 10+ years have never any total wash outs. Just the opposite, great days and maybe a late afternoon shower, perfectly refreshing. Sometimes we be beg for them and they never come.

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    hello all,
    My boyfriend and I have booked the Couples Secret Rendezvous for aug 14th-21st 2010...just wanting to see if anyone has some insight on sun/rain at this time
    We could both use the sun after school and exams!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SMB View Post
    hello all,
    My boyfriend and I have booked the Couples Secret Rendezvous for aug 14th-21st 2010...just wanting to see if anyone has some insight on sun/rain at this time
    We could both use the sun after school and exams!
    Check the links in the original post.

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    SMB- My wife Alisha and I are going to be at CTI august 11th to 18th and are worried about the weather as well but we figured if it does rain the whole time what the hell we are going to be on our honeymoon so we will just drink some more and make the best of it. hope to see ya there in the the suneshine.

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    we have great friends that went to CSS last year to get married. it was raining that morning. it rained all the way up to 30 minutes before the ceremony which was plenty of time to get everything setup and ready to go for the wedding. the skies cleared and they had a wonderful ceremony.

    hope your special day is wonderful as well.


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    For the Jamaicans and those who have been to Jamaica many times:

    What is your favortie weather of the year?

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    I swear this time at CSS it rained every friggen day! lol
    But, like Randy said, it cleared & everything was totally fine!
    We had all of the outdoor activities...Gala & Beach Party problem mon!

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    Have people not been to the islands during the summer months? Or even to Florida? It rains DAILY, but not all day long

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    while we were there the second week in august it rained almost everyday except for one day, but it generally didnt start till around 3-4pm and onlly last no more than 30 mins...

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    The weather at CTI is gorgeous right now! Plenty of sun, nice breeze. No rain since we got here yesterday evening.
    Bonnie & Jon

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    we are getting married at cti in September, we have booked a 4pm slot, but worried it is likely to rain at that time? Would we be better with a morning time for the wedding?

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    Anyone have any updates on the Huricanes and how they are affecting the resorts? CSA in 23 days!!!

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    Default CTI in 10 days

    Hey everyone.. my husband and I are heading to CTI on the 11th. Any word on how the weather is there right now?

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    I have been obsessed with keeping an eye on the hurricane potential as my husband and I are leaving tomorrow for CSA. I just checked and Earl and Fiona will miss the Caribbean. I'm a little worried about TS Gaston, which just formed. Here is the latest info from NOAA.

    Let's all pray it turns north.

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    Heading to CSA on Septemer 11th. Heard anything about the weather? looking forward to seeing you all there!

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    When we were at CN in April, there was one day when it seemed to rain very, very heavy for about three hours. Very unusual, compared to the other four times we'd visited. Even so, I was amazed at how low all of the ponds were. If they weren't experiencing drought conditions, it had to be close. Remember, everybody, you can't have wetlands if you never get wet!

    And we're generally in swimsuits all day long, so what's the problem?

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    Default Weather Preparedness

    We are coming to CTI this week from AZ. Should we bring raincoats? umbrellas? I understand that I have to expect an hour or two of rain a day but what do people bring?


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