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    Default Travel insurance?

    We think we are booking through AAA for our vacation to CSA and wondered if most people buy the travel insurance? We are going in late September which is hurricane season...

    Also, if you book directly with Couples does that price include the transfer from the airport to the hotel or is that separate. Website/pricing is a little confusing.


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    We booked with AAA for our honeymoon and did utilize travel insurance as we were there Sep. 20-28th. It wasn't necessary, but I was glad we had it. The travel insurance from AAA does cover you in the event of a hurricane or forecasted hurricane and lots of travel insurance packages don't cover that. For piece of mind, you'll be happy you have it.

    With regard to the airport transfers- Yes, it is included. They take you in a van or bus direct from Montego Bay Airport to the resort. If you prefer to fly from the international airport to either Ocho Rios or Negril, there are small aircraft that can do the transfer for a fee. We rode the bus to Ocho Rios and enjoyed seeing the country. Although the bus ride is long, it's paid for!

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    We are going to cn in August. We did get travel insurance as it is hurricane season. Better safe than sorry!!

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    We will be untaking our 12th trip to a couples resort this June.

    Yes we buy travel Insurance.

    One of our trips was in September and we lucked out with wonderful weather, but I still buy the insurance.

    Yes the transfer from the airport to the hotel was included on all our trips, regardless if it was purchased directly from couples or your travel agent.


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    The transfer is always included whoever you book with and we always buy the insurance, especially if you're going in hurricane season.

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    We ALWAYS buy the "cancel for any reason up to day of departure" insurance ..... Would definitely buy it during hurricane season ..... Probably won't need it but you always buy insurance & hope you won't have to use it. Had to use it one time & was SO HAPPY we had it when we had to cancel a trip to Jamaica 2 weeks out. It's worth the peace of mind. As far as the transfer from airport to resort & back to the airport, it's included no matter how you book your trip so don't add it & pay extra. Couples provides the transfer for their guests at no cost whether you book directly with them or through other means.

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    We always take the travel insurance. Cost vs benefit makes it well worth it

    As far as transfers from the airport they are always included when you stay at any of the 4 Couples resorts in Jamaica

    Enjoy your vacation at Couples!

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    Transfer from MoBay airport is included and provided by Couples. You will be directed from the Couples lounge in the airport out to a shuttle bus that will haul you and your stuff to CSA. This applies no matter where or with whom your book your trip.

    We always buy trip insurance. Since you are reserving this far in advance you never know what may change or occur between now and then and for most of us this is quite an expensive trip. Be sure you get insurance that covers weather (hurricanes) and cancelation for any reason. Cost a few bucks, but it may look like a bargain down the road if something unfortunate comes up.

    Have a great trip!

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    It doesn't matter how you book, the transportation is included.

    Hurricane season or not, get the insurance. You never know what might happen. It saved our bank account one year.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Your reservation includes transfers from the Airport to Couples and back to Airport(at least through the Couples website)

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    There is an additional benefit to the travel insurance we purchase and this is the medical coverage and special medical transportation back home if necessary.

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    We always get the insurance because we book way in advance and life happens. We actually had to use it once when we found out my wife was expecting again and didn't want to travel with her being pregnant.

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    Just like luvbeaches stated travel insurance is a must. Had an issue with water in the ear at cn in march. Went and saw the doctor who did a great job of fixing the problem. Paid bill of 295.00 by credit card. Was reimbuserd all of my money from insurance through couples trip insurance. Policy only cost 170.00. Sure gald i took it.

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    We always get the travel insurance when going to Jamaica, because we often go in hurricane season (good deals!) and we book way in advance (good deals!) and as someone above stated, Life Happens ... enjoy your trip!
    Sarah (& Baxter)
    CN 2009; CTI 2010; CSS 2011;
    CN 2012; CTI 2013

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    "Don't leave home without it". We have use the insurance twice.

    Life is good

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