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    Ok we've heard lot's of hear say on what beer is available at the resort. Do they ONLY serve Red Stripe for bottled beer? If not...what else? Any tap beers? I'm a Tangueray (gin)& Tonic guy what will I find as far as that?
    Mik & Kay Lynn Oct. 24-30

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    Hi Mik and Kay Lynn,

    They have Red Stripe and Red Stripe lite on tap. I know that they have Miller Light and there is one other beer that is Jamaican but I can not remember.

    Also you should be able to get Tangueray and Tonic as well. And of course Rum.

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    Good Question, I was wondering the same thing. C U there we will be on our honeymoon that week as well.

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    They have Red Stripe and Red Stripe Light on tap, Real Rock in bottles, and Caribe in cans in some mini bars. They also have Miller Light in cans. At the piano bar they also have Guinness and Heineken. You can get Tanqueray and tonic at any bar too! Have fun!
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    Do they have Crown Royal?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bcp View Post
    Do they have Crown Royal?
    Yes they do,,,,On that note try a loon fart/"duck fart"
    equal parts of Crown, Kaluha, Baileys shake with Ice,,,very very yummy, and they make them at Couples!

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