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    We just booked for September 2013 using the Love Away Plan. I understand that they automatically deduct $100 per month from your account, correct? Is it possible to double the amount that is deducted? Or can you change the monthly deduction/payment so long as the payment is over $100 per month?

    Also, my other question is that we booked last week before the 2o13 sale ended. I still have not received an email confirming the reservation. I called the day after I made the reservation and they told me the email system was likely being slow due to the last minute booking rush. I asked them to send it again, this time to a different email address, but neither email has been received. I do have a confirmation number that I was given over the phone. I also saw that the $100 payment has come out of the bank account. Should I be worried? Any thoughts! Thanks all!

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    Randymon had our confirmation re-sent and it came through this time! Thank you so much!!!

    Can't wait to be back at Couples!

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    If they are taking your money out I would not be too worried. However, I would call again and request the email confirmation. We booked for October 2013 this past February right when the Early Escapes offer came out. I did receive an email confirmation the same day as I booked. Also, I get an email reminder once a month a day or two before my auto withdraw which shows my confirmation number, brief reservation details and a breakdown of my monthly withdraw's plus my final payment amount. Hope this helps!
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    I wouldn't be worried if the payment has been taken out and you have a confirmation number. But I can't confirm this because I've always booked on line and always received an email notification of my reservation.

    We do the Love Away plan every year and they do automatically deduct $100 a month. You are able to call and make a payment any time you want in order to lower your final payment amount. So if you have extra money, give them a call and they will set up a payment for you.

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    We called to update our existing 2013 reservation to the early booking rates, and at the same time requested they double the monthly payment to $200. There was a little bit of confusion getting this set up (somehow we got dropped from the Love Away Plan) but it was quickly cleared up with another phone call.

    The nice part is, we'll have the resort paid off in plenty of time, and just need to think about booking our airfare!

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