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    Default Ouch - That really hurts

    We were last at CN in March 2011. As usual every day was spent in the sea, however on that trip many people including myself were getting jellyfish / hydroid stings. Some people had little / no issues whilst some of us had a nasty reation. They formed straight lines of raised red blisters that really hurt and took a couple of weeks to fade. We were diving, however swimmers were also getting stung.
    We are back at CN in just over 2 weeks and wondered if they are a problem at the moment. I will be prepared - diving with hood, gloves, full lycra, but was hoping to swim in my shorts between dives. I'm always happy to "play the fool", however wearing my diving hood as I paddle in the sea will not only look silly but will be far too hot.
    Thank you
    Ian (and Vanda)

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    We were at Swept Away last Dec. and got hit one day while snorkeling. I think this was a day of pretty rough water and they may have been blown in. Just got back 2 wks. ago and we didn't have a single sting. I dive as well and had no problem. I think the only reason you might want a hood, would be to wrap around a bottle of bear to keep it cold! We wore rash guards snorkeling but not while we were just swimming. You could play it safe. Be the last one in, and if the first few guys in are slapping their arms around, and screaming like little girls, then put on the hood!!!!! Get Wet!

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    We can't report on current conditions but we've had several severe run-ins with them in the past.

    Our current routine is to always have a small bottle of vinegar handy (after swimming, snorkeling, etc.). If stung we immediately pour the vinegar on the sting and go see the nurse as soon as possible (they have additional ointments that can be applied).
    We've had good results with that routine.

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    I'm bringing the hood as last year I was stung on the head. I'm as bald as Kojak so an easy target for those pesky stinging critters.
    Also does anyone know if they have any DIN tanks at CN this year- We use DIN (most common in Europe) or will we need to pack adaptors.
    Ian and Vanda

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    Having lived at the beach most of my life and worked at sailing camps I've had more run-ins with jellies than I can count. My usual protocol is to pee on the sting (the ammonia neutralizes the toxin) and then apply meat tenderizer, but I'm not sure how well that would go over at the resort. Haha.

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    we just got back from a week at CN (4/14 - 4/21) and have never had jellyfish sting issues until this trip (our 4th). We don't dive but typically like to snorkel at least 3 or 4 times, but only went once this trip as on our first morning excursion after just 5 or 6 minutes out, our friend got stung on his upper lip! He has had multiple injuries from playing football and wakeboarding (including cracked ribs) and said he has NEVER felt pain like that before. He also got stung on his wrist. 5 other people on our boat also got stung. Needless to say, none of us went snorkeling again that week, especially after we heard more reports of jellyfish stings from snorkelers and divers and even someone who got stung in the swimming area. The nurse had to call-in a doctor to care for our friend whose lip swelled-up so large he looked like Homer Simpson. $350 later he emerged from the nurses hut with 2 shots in the butt and a large amount of pills to take. 3 days later, his lip finally was almost back to normal. He didn't let it ruin his trip one bit, but I sure did miss going snorkeling!

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    I'm glad to see this thread before I go to CSA (2 weeks from tomorrow). I'm new to diving and my fiance is getting certified while we are there. We do love to snorkel though. I just bought a shortie for the trip, but it looks like I'm headed back to the dive shop for a 1mm full skin.
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    The last time Dropem and I were at CN, 2007 we both got stung. Since his skin is so much more sensitive than mine, his were really bad. Of course, we had been in the water for quite awhile along with several other people and we were the only two that were stung.

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    My first trip to CSA is in 21 days and I WAS looking forward to snorkling for the first time, but after reading this thread I am getting CSA provide wet suits for use or should i bring my own?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lountee01 View Post
    My first trip to CSA is in 21 days and I WAS looking forward to snorkling for the first time, but after reading this thread I am getting CSA provide wet suits for use or should i bring my own?
    I don't think they provide wet suits, but don't let a few reports of jellies sway you away from snorkeling. Conditions change all the time and you might not see a jelly the whole time you're there. Last time we went I saw a few but they were easy to avoid. I know everyone has different pain tolerances but in my opinion the stings aren't that bad anyway. Don't get me wrong, they hurt, but it's not something that will ruin your vacation.

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    I've been to Negril ( CN and CSA) five times in the last 10 years and never had a issue with jellyfish. I'll be more careful in the future, but I think it's important to note that this is not a common issue. The water is so clear that you should be able to see them from a ways away, if they are there.

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    We have been to Couples Negril the last 4 Februaries and have never been, or seen, jelly fish. I worry about them since I am extremely allergic to anything that bites or stings, but only once on a Scuba Dive at Grand Caymen did I ever see Jelly Fish in the water. I am wondering if it has to do with the time of year you are there and the off shore currents.

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    We had the pleasure of diving with you at Couple Negril. Your full wetsuit did not diminish from your love of the sport of diving. You and Vanda made our diving experience memorable! Thanks for all of your help and wisdom. We had no problem with jellyfish, but we did encounter them while diving.

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    Hi Beachvaca
    Had a look at your profile so know who.
    Yes it was indeed a fun trip (It's hard not to have fun at Couples) and we enjoyed diving with you too.
    If you would like the underwater pictures, please send us your e mail -
    Very best wishes
    Ian and Vanda

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    We were at CSA May19 thru 24th and went snorkeling and did not see one Jelly Fish and the day we went it was pretty rough waters, but had no problem all.

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