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    Default What is the average age in the Au Naturel area?

    Was wondering what the average age of couples were in the Au Naturel area. We are open to trying it but really not sure. Any thoughts or advice.

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    It varies greatly. In our four trips, I would say early forties would be a good guess. Some older, some younger. It is no big deal thou. Go and do your thang.

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    You get all ages, shapes and sizes. Mostly over thirty because they are more comfortable in their skin but younger ones come as well.

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    Just returned from CTI. We did not see anyone under 18 or over 99. This was my wife's first of au natural experience, And she really enjoyed it. Average.. age was in the 30 to 50 range. A few younger than a few older. Go be by yourselves or join the party, it's up to you, just do what you enjoy. And have fun!

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    We just got back from CN and was our first time. I would say the average age was 35-40. We are 32 and 49 and we met a German couple he was 34 and she was 30. There was a couple who had been married for 28 years.

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    And we will see you there between 28 April and 5 May
    NN and Sunlover!

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    I bet there's a wide variety of ages, but we are all young in spirit

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    We will be there april 27th to may 4th. What is the au naturel area like? What goes on?

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    All ages but most couples at the resort are 30+ & the AN areas reflect this too.

    You didn't mention which resort and they are all different.

    The AN area at CSS ( Sunset Beach - SSB ) is very quiet & private with it's own beach, bar, pool, grill, bathrooms and plenty of chairs & shade. It's very easy to sit with your significant other and have a quiet, private time enjoying each other's company. You also have the choice @SSB to move over the pool / bar area which is much more social and the resort will have activities ( Bocce Ball, scavenger hunt etc )

    The island at CTI has it's own pool, bar & bathroom and it's much smaller so naturally more social. It's also not quite as private since the entire hotel has a view of the island and there are boats that cruise by every now and then - neither are a problem since the island is far enough away and there's enough foliage to keep details & faces hard to identify but if you're self conscious this might make you feel uncomfortable...

    CN has a small AN area with a beach, bar, bathroom & hot tub - it's pretty small & seems to have a lot of spots where you're visible to the public / rest of the resort but this doesn't seem to bother people.

    If you are staying at CSS or CTI - consider trading places for a day to see what the other resorts AN area is like...

    As for what goes on - you'll just have to visit to find out as most of the activities have code names like "Toss the Squid" & such....

    But mostly - you'll find them all to be quieter, less crowded areas that usually have more friendly people compared to the main beaches in both resorts...

    The only reason we ever tried AN is because the main beach was very crowded @ CTI while the island was virtually empty - never looked back...

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    Physical age - varies. Mental age - mature. Most AN people have got to that point in life where they accept themselves and their bodies as well as those around them. Usually mid 30's and up.

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    Depends on the crowd. We were in our late thirties the last time and went mid week to mid week. We went from being one of the oldest, to one of the youngest couples within that week as the crowd changed over the weekend.

    Honestly, if you're open minded enough to walk up to a bar nude, you'll be able to enjoy socializing with people of any age.

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    We just returned from CSS today. We spent every day at SSB and had a wonderful time. Age goes all the way from mid twenties to late seventies. Everybody got along with everybody no matter the age. Nobody cared.

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    We are 46...and will be there in about 30 hours!

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    Age is a state of mind.

    One needs to keep in mind when picking a resort that CSS and CTI are on private they are limited to the guests at the resort.

    CN's beach is a public beach, no matter if you visit the AN or the non AN side...s0 on either side you can see non couples resort guest as well as vendors...Same with CSA altho no AN on CSA

    However, the sqft wise, the AN at CN actually has more sqft available for people than the Island at CTI does...SSB at CSS is the largest of the three in terms of the AN area...

    If you want White Sandy Beaches with Blue Ocean Water you need to be on the Negril side...If your not a beach person, Ochi will do fine....Hope this helps...

    Nathalie & Steve
    CTI...2009; 2010; 2011
    CN...2012; 2013

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    Who cares? Age is indeed a state of mind.

    I've seen young, old - male, female - smooth, bushy - firm and saggy. It's challenged what I thought was 'beautiful' and made me appreciate the variety of the human form. It's made me a little less scared of growing old.

    Just go and give it a try - be bold! You'll be surprised how appearances don't matter so much once everyone is naked.

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    I would guess the average age in January at 40 yo


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    SSB was 21-70...the 21 was amazing model type.The 70 wasnt....LOL Dont worry.EVERYONE is polite and friendly.I wasnt as self conscious there as a public family beach.

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    and it goes the other way sometimes as well. The 65 year old model type and 25 year old not such model type. Once you see how everyone else looks, you actually begin to feel less self conscious. It may take an hour or two and a few drinks, but you'll see what I mean.

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    I would think by the time you drank 5-6 Red Strips everyone would look like models. I know that it was that way for me in my college days

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    We were just at CSS and SSB and we were close to the youngest at 32 (altho we do look younger) and the 'avg' was probably 40's? You have to be very confident in your relationship and I think that comes with age and maturity (and time together) so it makes sense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rooroo View Post
    We were just at CSS and SSB and we were close to the youngest at 32 (altho we do look younger) and the 'avg' was probably 40's? You have to be very confident in your relationship and I think that comes with age and maturity (and time together) so it makes sense.
    Hey rooroo, we we're there last week also. I'm sure we must have met. Really wishing I was back there already instead of sitting at my desk at work.
    Jeff (Mandynjeff)

    Admin - Couples Resorts Photos - flickr group
    Admin - facebook/CouplesResortsJamaica

    CSS: 2008,2009,2010,2011,2012,2013
    CN: 2013

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    We were just at SSB last week (and met rooroo. HI!). It seems to be a wide range of ages, but I would agree the average was probably mid 40's. Seemed like all the 20somethings were on the 'other' side.

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    Jeff we did meet you and Mandy on Tuesday in the pool! I was the one who said I had read all kinds of stuff on the message boards but never posted, so Im trying to redeem myself now;P
    cheeseheadj, so tough to be back, and its been hotter here than in Jamaica!! We are already planning our trip back next year (but probably in august to take advantage of the 7th night free, 5 just wasnt enough!)

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    We were at CSS and visited SSB twice last week. In my estimation the average guests were probablt in the 50-55 range. We are 48/49 and most were a bit older, but some younger. Overall a great experience. Enjoyed it very much.

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    we are 51 and 49 and pretty good shape I think but who cares its not a contest

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