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    Well have only been back from CSA for two weeks and today we booked for Jan. 30th to Feb. 6th. This will be visit number 6 for us. Can you tell we love CSA? Can only go for a week this time due to other commitments but so excited that we are booked to return.

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    Hi Northern Gal! Glad you started this thread! We're booked for Jan 20-Feb1. We too cut back by a day or 2 because of other comitments. I'm excited to see who else will be coming "Home" during this time period. And of course, it's always wonderful to meet up with our extended "CSA Family" every year & make new friends too! Now we're just waiting to book the air-soon come! See you on the MB. Cindy
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    Hi Chickie..Where are you flying from. E
    We are in Canada and just booked our flights a few days ago. Westjet has some really good prices right now. Just wanted to let you know.

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    Hi & THX very much for the flight info. We'll fly from BWI (Baltimore/Washington) & Air Tran is the ONLY option. We have a dog (fur baby) that we need to drop off in Balt. with my brother's family. I think we'll be able to book our air in early June. That's when I REALLY start to get excited. My Hubby thinks I'm nuts & I think he's right! BTW...what do think about the new manager??? I've heard great things about her. We'll see! Cindy

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