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    Default November 2010

    We were booked to return to CSS for our 4th visit for Christmas 2009 - however due to the economy and having to do more work for less money, we cannot afford to go home this year

    However, we have postponed our trip and will now be back home from November 20th to December 4th 2010

    A long time to wait, but definitely well worth it!!

    Alli and Robbie, UK

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    Well, you will not be alone. We will be returning for our 3rd trip to CSS on Nov 29 2010 to celebrate our 25th anniversay. It is a long time to wait as you said but at least we got our couple's fix this year by going to CN in May. Can't wait to get back to CSS and specially SSB.

    See you next year

    David and Jeanette
    FONT="Verdana"]David and Jeanette, Nova Scotia[/FONT][/FONT]

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    Hey Allie -- we will be there too!! Not sure of our exact dates, but they will overlap with yours! YEAH!!!! Now Tammy and Roger need to book!!! I can hardly wait!! Huge hugs to you and Robby!
    Paula & Greg

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    Default Nov. 13-20, 2009

    Hi Jamericans,
    Brenda and I will be returning home to CSS between 11/13 and 11/20 2010. Boy that is hard to write, We usually try to go in July but I was out of waor and scheduled Nov. to use the resort credits (They worked for us last year)and the chance I could get a job before then.
    Well after 9 Months the job came and it is Union and I would have a problem with getting time off because of Deer season.

    hope to find someone to share our second trip to CSS and have a couple of drinks. (That's is a couple an hour!)

    Let us know if you are going to be there and when so we can meet up.

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