With our first trip to any Couples' resorts coming up (going to CSA), I am growing more and more worried about what the experience will hold. Very good friends of ours just returned from CSA, their 3rd visit there, 11th visit overall to Couples and were down-right dissapointed. They were in fact the ones who encouraged us to visit Couples when we decided on doing an AI this year instead of our normal trip. They reported that the staff was clearly a much different group than they were used to; service, attitude, ect and that housekeeping (lack of towels to the extent of one night not having enough towels because the resort was "short" and having the mini-bar stocked only 2 out of 7 nights) was lacking and that it was pulling teeth to get drinks on the beach. They also said that the food was hit and miss- some days it was the best ever, others couldn't compete with fast food. And that the rooms seemed to be getting in rougher shape each return (yes I know not to expect granite and marble, but chipping paint, broken light/bath fixtures are things you expect from budget hotels not 5 star resorts). On a positive note they did say the beach was fantastic as usual and the drinks were of course top shelf, and felt perhaps this could be exclusive to CSA and as always plan to return but said they will probably go back to TI or SS. This all comes after some other friends returned a few weeks ago and had some of the same comments. Perhaps they had just a bad week? I'm sure we'll have a great time and we never expect "perfection". Its just that for what we spent on this trip is a large amount for us and for what we usually spend on trips and without trying to get our expectations to high. Anyone been there very recently that can calm my nerves and let my buddy know he perhaps just had a off week?? Thanks!