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    Default Married at CTI 4/19/12

    Jake and I married at CTI on 4/19/12!! If there are any future CTI brides out there that have any questions, I am more than willing to answer them for you!! We have no complaints!! Everything was perfect!! I will post pics as they become available!!

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    What package did you get? I was going to do the free One Love but uped it to the Tropical. Did you up your flowers? What location?
    Thank you!
    Linn & Mike
    19 days till CTI

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    Hi Katie! Congrats! We leave for CTI in 9 days and our wedding is May 5 at 2 pm. I'm having some last minute jitters so I was happy to see this post so I can ask you some questions Thanks for the offer!

    1. Did it really rain everyday like people keep telling me? I'm a little worried about our ceremony time and the rain and/or heat. Hopefully all is well with that.
    2. We only booked the basic "One Love" package and I hope that is enough. We do have 4 couples joining us and I hope the cake and champagne party afterward is plenty for them.
    3. For some reason my fiance is nervous about the customs experience at the airport. I have traveled internationally before and he has not, so that might be part of it, but did you have a good or bad experience with that aspect of the trip?
    4. When you met with the wedding coordinator did she help you finalize all the details? We are not bringing anything to embellish the ceremony or decorate at all, so hopefully whatever CTI provides is beautiful.
    5. Which site did you choose for the ceremony? We want to get married on the beach, but others have said there were too many people watching.
    6. Did you have any other couples with you? If so, did they have any problems seating you together for dinners or excursions?
    7. Is there anything at all that you know now that you wished you would have known before you went? As I said before, I'm getting a little nervous and anything to help calm the nerves will be great!

    I really appreciate you reading all this and maybe answering some of the questions Congrats again, and I can't wait to check back for pictures!


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    Did you end up getting photos? Would LOVE to see!

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    Hey Caitlin! I also got married at CTI, 3/22/12. I figured I'd share my experiences with you Congrats, you will love it!

    1) When we were there, it only rained on our last day for about 4 hours (11am-3ish). We got married at 4pm, and it was not that hot in my was only in the low 80's during our trip. A lot of the time I was cold, the pools were freezing!
    2) We had 3 other couples join us (our parents and then photographers). There was plenty of cake/champagne to go around
    3) I have never traveled out of the US before this trip. We had NO problems with customs in Jamacia, it was very fast. Everyone was very good at explaining where to go and what to do, so you weren't lost. I was nervous about that as well since I never experienced it. We actually had more problems in STL airport when we returned..even though we declared everything we were pulled aside and everything had to be pulled out and looked at.
    4) Yes, but they will charge you extra. We also didn't bring anything. I would recommend upgrading your flowers. We did the one love package. They were "out" of orchids when we were there (I say "out" because they have a green house on the property which was FULL of not sure why they couldn't have used those) so I was stuck with yellow roses, which I didn't like at all.
    5) We got married in the "gardens" under the gazebo which is close to the swim up pool. It over looks the ocean. I LOVED it. It was very quiet and everyone in the pool was very respectful. I decided against the beach because of the amount of people watching, and I didn't like the arch they provided. The week we were there, I only saw people getting married on the beach. A lot of people on the beach do watch. They literally part some of the loungers and you get married in between everyone. I wouldn't be comfortable with that, hence why I went with the gazebo.
    6) Yes, we had our parents and our photographers (total 8 people including us). It was impossible getting reservations for all of us. We made reservations in advance for our "reception" dinner at 8 Rivers. I DEF recommended doing that in advance if you all want to eat together at one of the reservation required restaurants...and then print off the email when they confirm the time so you can prove it. They did not have our reservation when we met with the wedding planner...and she had to squeeze us in at 8:30pm for our dinner. We were unable to get reservations any other days for all of us to eat together. Obviously the restaurants that don't require reservations, we were able to eat together. We had problems with excursions as well...the only one we did together was Duns River. The catamaran cruise, glass bottom boat, etc...we were unable to do together.
    7) No worries! I wish they would have told me doing things with larger groups is pretty hard to book..but that's something I couldn't control. Everything with the wedding went great!!!! We can't wait to return next year

    You can view our pictures here....

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    Thank you for sharing your experience with us. Your answers were helpful. My fiance' and I are getting married at CTI in 9 days. You look beautiful in your photos!

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    Do you really have to be there 72 hours prior to the wedding? We were going to fly in on thursday and wanted to be married on saturday. Any advice you have would be great!

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