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    Default CN Review Aug 2-8

    We went to Couples Negril for our honeymoon Aug 2-8th and had an amazing time. It was wonderful to just relax and not worry about anything. We did a lot research for our perfect resort we are very happy with our choice.

    Arrival at the airport and bus ride to the resort were very easy. We had to wait at the Couples lounge about 10 or 15 minutes then were taken to the bus. The ride to the resort was a bit crazy. A lot of passing, honking, and fast turns. I had a headache and was getting car sick so I did not enjoy it at all. My husband was okay with it though and saw it as an adventure. Our bus driver did not talk much at all either which was disappointing.

    Check in at the resort is one of my few complaints. We didn't really know what to do once we got there, and could not understand the staff member checking us in. She was very quiet and we had a large group trying to gather around to hear. No cool towels either...I was told by everyone cool towels and champaign at check in but only the champaign for us...not a biggie though. We were escorted to our room with a group of others and just pointed to our building and told they will bring our luggage shortly. We go to our room and the door is open and someone is obviously in there watching tv. So we head back to the lobby to complain. After a few minutes of still not being able to understand the girl we are given a new room, right next to the old one, and personally walked to our room. I was hoping for some kinda of upgrade or accommodation for the trouble but no such luck. Just an apology and some excuse about the computer system.

    We loved our room. We had a deluxe garden view building 1, 2nd floor. I am so glad we didn't pay extra for the better rooms. This one was great, plenty of room and the bathroom was nice as well. We could even see the ocean from the side of our balcony. We loved building 1 as well because it's so close to everything but not noisy at all.

    The rest of the time at Couples was great! The food was amazing, we did not have anything we didn't like and I am a fairly picky eater. Lychee, the Asian restaurant was probably the best, but we also enjoyed Heliconia and Otaheite.. The breakfast buffet at Cassava was also a favorite. We got room service the first morning but not again after we experienced the buffet! The drinks were also great and we pretty much could get whatever we wanted. A little trouble at first getting a crown sour but they eventually figured out how to make it right. My favorite drinks were Miami vice, cool runnings, and paradise pleasure! Nachos and icecream from the grill were our favorite afternoon snacks! The wait staff at the restaurants were amazing, very quick with refills and most of the time the food was quick as well. Our last night we had a slow waitress with an attitude, but since it was our last night we didn't care too much.

    The beach was amazing. So quiet and not crowded at all! The water was so clear and blue. We spent every morning laying out and relaxing! Red flag service was great as well and not slow like we had heard. The pool was also great, never too crowded and you could always find a shady spot if you wanted. The staff was great, not as friendly as everyone talks about but still nice.

    The entertainment staff was also a little disappointing. Funny and very talkative but not organized at all and nothing ever started on time. There was no beach party, only a bon fire and we are still not sure why. If the staff got it together I think the entertainment and games would have been a lot of fun!

    Overall it was an amazing honeymoon! The resort really does look just like the pictures! I know I had several complaints but just trying to be completely honest because I always liked reading those reviews. Once you are at Couples even the things that are not perfect really don't bother you because everything is so beautiful and relaxing! We are already talking about coming back for our 1st anniversary!

    ~Savannah (and Luke)

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    Sounds like that overall your trip was good. Thank you for the honest review. The only thing I have to comment on is the "on time" is Jamaica time, it tends to be more mellow than we are used to.

    Thanks for sharing!!!

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    Default Great Review

    Thank you for your review..... I am a little nervous... originally booked garden view but because of date change garden view was not available one of our days so paid extra for the ocean view... feeling like it is a waste of money after reading yours and other reviews.....

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    You should try CSA next time. CSA ROCKS!! Thanks for the review.

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    GREAT review.

    Welcome to the family of Coupleholics.

    Have you booked your return trip yet?

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    I've yet to read a review from folks who have stayed in the Garden rooms, who didn't love them. You always wonder when you opt for the "low man on the totem pole" if you're going to be stuck with 2nd or even 3rd rate accomodations. But it seems everyone who stays in these rooms have nothing but positive things to say. I'm so glad we ended up selecting this room category vs the suite we were originally going with. It helped buy us an extra couple of days in paradise.

    Reading is fundamental. It's just that for some, it's more mental than fun.

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    Two trips to CN and Gardenview rooms were perfect, we had Bldg 1, the 2nd floor in 07 and loved it too!!!!

    I agree with Bkhiattky that overall service
    in the Caribbean and Mexico is much slower than we are used is Island time mon...

    Glad you enjoyed CN, it really is hard not to.

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