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    Default CSA Self Serve Beer Tap

    For those that have been to csa recently....

    When we were at csa last May the self serve beer tap at seagrapes was very foamy (is that a word?)

    Has it gotten better?

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    Sounds like the keg needed to be replaced. Being near empty will cause a "foamy" serving.

    I am guessing that they have put out a fresh keg since last May.


    If it occurs again try mentioning it to the staff at Seagrapes, I'm sure they will take care of it.

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    Just got back last week and I had no problem with the tap. In the past it seemed the presure was a bit high, but all was good with the Seagrape tap.

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    We in Wisconsin call that a "wild" tap... it really depends on how they pressurize the keg, I guess (not a bartender). I've had days when the SeaGrapes tap is wild, and I've seen it when its "flat". We don't use it unless we have an empty cup when we pass by. Normally, we get our tappers at one of the bars.

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    beer gets foamy if it is over pressured or if it is too warm at the tap.

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    I wish they would bring back the red stripe lite tap, the last couple of times there are 2 taps but only one serving
    red stripe works

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    I was there March 1-10. The draft beer at Seagrapes was flowing fine and was ice cold (for a change). If the pressure is too high, the tap has a thumb tab, on it's side, where you can turn it down.

    I take my beer very serious. I have draft beer in my garage!!!

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    yes..we visited in April 2012 and even having worked at a bar...still lots of head!

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    Draft beer also foams if I I too warm. The temperature of the kegrator might be the problem.

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    I wish CN had the self-serve tap. But then again, maybe it's good that they don't...

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