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    Default Has anyone stayed in both sections of Garden Verandah Suites as CSA

    I booked a Garden Verandah Suite. We visited CSA 3 times previous and stayed twice in a BVS and once in a BFS. It seems that there are 2 sections that the GVS are located. I requested one in the new section. If I don't get it are they that much different?( I prefer the location of the new section). Also wondering if I'm going to be that disappointed after staying beachfront?

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    I'd be interested to know about the converted Garden Suites as well. They hadn't been converted last time we went (2010) so we were on the "newer" side by Patois.

    As for disappointed - I wouldn't think so - you are still in paradise and surrounded by the most beautiful foliage back in that section.

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    The GVS is only located in the 'new' section so you should be where you were before in the BFVS (there are 4 buildings). Happy to share a map ( Depending on how much you need to see the ocean from your room, you may or may not be disappointed. The room itself will be exactly like the BFVS, but the view will not be of the ocean (it will be of the foliage - the OVS and BFVS are between you and the beach).
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    I posted incorrectly about the 'new' versus 'old' section. Sorry about that! I'm not sure if they are identical on the inside as the other ones or not (pics on website are from the newer section). But I'll be there in 9 days and can take pics! Still the same about being disappointed based on what you want the view to be
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    Thanks, I'm not expecting an ocean view from the gardens, so that's fine. I pretty much know the set up of how its starts with bfvs then behind that is the ovs then the gvs , so I'm ok with that. My question is there are other Garden Verandah Suites on the other side near the lobby in older section( used to be called garden suites when I first visited) I'm assuming that these might look a little different and location might be closer to the street (I forget). As long as the room is the same exact as BFVS I'm ok.
    If you look at the website and view a garden verandah suite, it looks like the picture is taken in the great house ( the balcony is white with 2 bars ) I don't think this photo is of either room. All the verandahs have wooden balconies. really starnge, I know I sound crazy but I noticed this.
    Thanks everyone for your imput. That would be great I always love pics !!!

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    We have stayed in the Garden Verandah Suites the last three years. The first two years we were on the newer side by Patois. We liked both the location and the rooms. I can't say whether they are like the Beach fronts or the Ocean fronts since we've never stayed in those. On the first stay in the GVS room we were on the third floor (can't remember the room number but maybe 2 buildings over from Patois) and actually had an ocean view through a large gap between the buildings. This year we were put on the older side in a first floor room. I was initially disappointed. The room smelled musty, which was not something we had experienced the first two visits in the newer rooms, and it seemed a lot darker. The bathroom also felt a little dingy which might be attributable to the lower light. In terms of the location, we had gotten in a groove over on the other side of the property relative to where we went on the beach, etc., and so, initially, being "so far over" wasn't that appealing (how silly right, since nothing is really that far?). The lanai on this older side room was hidden from the main path with lots of foliage in front which was different than the new side. We had a small path from the lanai through the garden to get to the main path. This foliage contributed to the darkness of the room (I like a lot of light). Initially disappointed, we considered asking to be moved but decided to give it a go.

    Very glad we did. We ended up really liking where we were located. Since we eat many of our meals at the Palms, we were super close to it and that was nice. Also closer to the sports complex. While the vegetation outside made the room dark, it also made the lanai really private and beautiful. We changed our beach habits accordingly and ended up more in the middle by the second beach bar (can't remember the name) closer to the water sports hut versus closer to the swim up bar.

    In the end we decided that in the future we'll be happy with the luck of the draw and with giving things a go. In terms of road noise, they were about the same. Neither my husband nor I notice it much and I've not really understood when people talk about it on the message board. But I'm an early riser and my husband sleeps like a log, so maybe that's it.

    I've edited this to (hopefully) upload some photos. They're not the best. Just taken with my iPhone. Haven't gotten around to getting the ones off the camera. The pics are from our trip this last time when we stayed on the older side and include one of the room-- which was exactly like the ones on the newer side except the shower was big with no tub and the closet was configured differently and was much larger; and two pictures of the lanai which was much more private than the first floor we had last year on the newer side. One picture shows my husband with a kitty that would visit us in the morning and the small path through the garden that led to the main path.
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    You're right about the pic being the Great House I think. I noticed a while back and posted on here and somebody confirmed it. I've never even been there, I just obsessively research. The balcony and floors are different in that pic. Nobody answered me on what the difference is between the new and old GVS is though.

    I hope someone answers you here, and I'd love some pics too!

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    Thanks Lala illiniois
    Exactly what you said about the difference's is what I expected.I did request my room in the new section, because I like that side better. I will wait and see, that's exactly what happened to me when I first stayed in a BFVS and then switched the 2nd year to a BFS in the old section.(same difference) room older, muster ect.... and location, but like you I made the best of it and it worked out.
    Also thanks Jez for confirming about the photo on the website, I guess I'm not crazy !!! lol

    Thanks alot for the imput !!

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    Added some pics

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    Quote Originally Posted by lalaillinois View Post
    Added some pics
    Nice pics.. to be the older side, it looks decent...I don't know what side we will be on, but I requested a 1st floor, so we shall see....

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    Thanks for the photos and info.
    I kind of figured the older rooms have showers with no tubs. Same difference in the old BFS
    opposed to the BFVS. I still sway toward favoring the new section, not only for the newer rooms, but location as well. Thanks so much for your view on this. Sometimes I feel so stupid obsessing on this website !! lol (well I guess it's keeps me looking forward to the trip).

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    Thanks lalaillinois!

    Exactly the info I was looking for too, thanks for taking the time.

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    After all that, I found a video on youtube that shows every room inside and out and all the locations of areas in CSA. If you go on you tube and type in ( couples swept away one stop vacations) it will be the first one. Watch it ! Also it shows the old garden verandah with out a tv. (when it was considered a different room type). Thanks again !!!

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