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    I'm getting really excited for our trip to CTI May 5-10, its our honeymoon and our first time going, but I was looking at the forecast and it looks like constant rain!!!! I AM SO SCARED!!!! Any advice???? PLEASE HELP??? Also if you have any general tips please help?????

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    First of all, they can't (and donít try to) accurately forecast the weather for more than about 10 days out, so you are probably looking at monthly averages only.

    Second, when there is a 30% chance of rain, they show a little cloud with rain coming out and your first impression is it will rain that day. Not true.

    Actually, a 30% chance of rain means that there is only a 30% chance that it will rain some time during the day, not that it will rain for 30% of the day. It also means that there is a 70% chance of no rain at all that day.

    In the tropics, they usually predict at least a 30% chance of rain every day, just because it's the tropics.

    And, if it does rain, so what? You will probably be in your swimsuit anyway and it wonít be a cold rain. When it does rain there, it is usually only for an hour or less in the afternoon and it dries out quickly. Stop worrying!
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    It only rains for a short time during the early afternoon. It's not anything to be scared about. We played beach volleyball in the rain one morning. Cooled things off and was refreshing. Can't control the weather anyway.

    Now your flights are something to worry about.

    Life is good

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    We will be @ CSS from May 1-11th and plan to trade places and visit CTI - maybe we'll bump into you

    Don't worry about weather - It never rains constantly in Ocho Rios unless there is a tropical depression or a large storm hitting the island - it's not that time of year for those so we should be fine

    Jamaica's weather is a lot like Florida - a 50% chance of rain doesn't mean an entire day of clouds like it does for most places - it means that it's likely there will be a pop-up shower at some point in the day - a brief one, that typically blows over quickly - the rest of the day will be mostly sunny.

    I can remember two years ago going to Dunn's river - it rained the entire time during our excursion but when we got back to the resort it was clear it hadn't rained at all @ CSS - both are in Ocho Rios

    Also keep in mind that the mountains have frequent rain - so a forecast for Ocho rios doesn't necessarily equate to what's happening near the beach

    & even when it does rain - it's warm & usually does not have lightning so you can pretty much stay where you are & wait it out...

    You will have an awesome time....

    Consider trading places & visiting CSS for a day trip...

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