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    Default mosquitos at CSA?

    It seems like I've read elsewhere that mosquitos can be a pain on the beach in the evenings. We are heading to CSA in mid-May are they going to be a big issue? Is it actually mosquitos or some other bug? Has anyone tried the Off Clip-ons to ward them off? Do they work? Or should we stick to spray?

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    Mosquitos can be a problem for some more than others, I have always been a mosquito magnet. They are more of a problem at night, but can still be a bother in the daytime, usually indoors oddly enough. I don't think the mosquitoes are any worse at CSA than they are back here in the midwest though. That said using Off or some other repellent usually works pretty good. I would not trust the clip-on thingys, I have read mixed reviews about their effectiveness, mostly not so good. We pack a small bottle of Off in the pump spray bottle or take a small box of the towellete wipes for applying to exposed skin, particularly legs and feet. This seems to do the trick but you may still get some bites. One thing we do is always shower at the end of the night before going to bed to wash off the repellent, I hate the sticky feeling and the smell of the repellents and can not sleep with it on me.

    The worst problem we had with mosquitos was a couple of years ago. We had a bunch of them in our room when we arrived, I assume the room had been left open to air out during the day, and we had a heck of a time with them till we called the front desk for help. They came out to our room while we were out and sprayed, that took care of the little devils.

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    We had never seen mosquitos until this past March when we were at CN...we had more rain this past March than on previous trips..I would use spray as my husband got dengue fever from mosquito bite...we will pack spray from now on

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    We just returned home last night and while my husband doesn't have a bite on him, I have both mosquito and sand flea bites all over! I used bug spray on my legs most evenings but still had a problem.

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    Mosquitoes do not exist at SweptAway... they have been eradicated, or at least chased to the "B" resort next door.

    Just kidding... of course, there are mosquitoes everywhere on Jamaica, but they don't ever seem to be much of a problem with us. You refer to something being a pain on the beach in the evenings, and that makes me think that you're thinking more about the sand fleas that can be a problem around sunset, or after a rain. The li'l suckers live in the sand, and if they happen to like you, they can raise hell with the lower 12-18 inches of exposed flesh.

    We've had varying success with any of the OFF products that have a liberal content of DEET. We've had better luck when staying off the beach after 6pm, but since that's close to last call for the beach bars, it gets tough especially as eviction day gets closer.

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    So will one bottle of Off be enough for a week for two people?

    I was wondering if there were sand fleas as well as mosquitos on the beach, so that answers the question.

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    Interesting. In our three previous trips (one to CTI, two CN) we have never encountered mosquitoes. A few sand fleas, but no mosquitoes.
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    One thing that helped me is using bug AND sunscreen during the day! The bugs come out of the sand after a brief rain and then I get all bit up!
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    Skin so Soft works for me.

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