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    Default garden suite vs greathouse suite ate CSA

    I will be visiting Couples Swept away for the first time,(very excited)! We booked late and our only room alternatives are garden suite and greathouse. So far I am leaning toward Greathouse,( I am hoping for a view of the ocean with some sunset. I could use some advice from past guests who have stayed in the Greathouse and or garden rooms as to best choice.

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    The Great House might have a little view of the ocean, I forget ( I really don't think they do), but my friend was put into the Great house so I got a look in the building and at the room. I personally did not like the great house verandah rooms at all. She switched to a Garden Verandah Suite (in new section) which was much nicer. The building was really musty and dark, I guess maybe if someone was staying in a jacuzzi suite in the Great house it would be worth it ,but to tell you the truth I would still pick a BFVS over the jacuzzi suite and the jacuzzi suite is more money. All rooms out of the great house have so much more of a tropical vibe feeling. But then again everyone's taste is different.

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    the rooms toward the front may have partial ocean view
    the 4 suites are at the front of the building and have straight on view
    the other rooms are angles back

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    Thank-You to everyone who has responded! I feel much better and I am sure all rooms are nice! Besides with the reviews I have read I won't be in room much! May 19th won't be here fast enough!

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