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    I have read descriptions of the beachfront suites at CN and CSA and they state that there are no windows, only screens. Does this mean there is no AC?

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    No, it does not. I am guessing that at some point in the distant past of the resort these rooms perhaps did not have A/C, but now all rooms have A/C. The screened windows have wooden shutters that you can adjust to permit air and light or close as you prefer. The rooms will be as cool as you care to make them or as open and "natural" as you like. I believe all rooms also have ceiling fans to help keep things comfortable.

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    All rooms at CN have air conditioning. Why would no windows mean no air conditioning? And, the sliding glass doors to the balcony are actually huge windows!
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    There is AC and it works really well. We throw open the shutters in the day and run the AC at night. We like the BFS's at CSA and the fact the have screens and shutters. Turn down service will close everything up a night while you are out to dinner or entertainment.

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    Beachfront suites at CSA have no windows...only screens and wood slats for privacy. There is still air conditioning but you'll probably be just fine with the fan.

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