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    Default Great House Rooms? CSA newby holding her breath :)

    My husband and I decided on csa last minute and our choice of rooms available were only great house and gardenview. I chose Great House hoping to see ocean and sunset. Anyone stay in Great house? advice? We normally are oceanfront people.

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    As I posted before I personally would go with the Garden Verandah's, just stick with the Great house and if you are that disappointed maybe they would let you switch. I really don't know about the Great house having a view of the ocean. I know the Jacuzzi rooms do, but not sure about the rest.

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    Hi there! We have been to CSA 3 times... and have stayed in the Great House 2 of those times... We personally choose the Great House. Sure, it has more of a "hotel" feel, but it is close to all of the things that we love, including our favorite restaurant, the swim-up bar, piano bar, and our favorite part of the beach... Each time we have had the Great House, we have had a great view of the ocean and we didn't even have the jacuzzi suite. We love this room... others don't. Either way, you will be in paradise!

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    5206 did have a view of the ocean

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    Thank-You so much for your advice! I especially appreciated the post from someone who has stayed in these rooms. I am now very excited for May 19th to get here! I doubt we will be spending a tremendous amount of time in room,however I feel comfortable with my choice now!

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    When you check in, request to have a room with a view. I think the only bad views are the rooms that look out to the adjoining property. You are going to love CSA.

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    We have stayed in the great house twice...among other types as well. we loved it! Once we did get the side that adjoins the other property but it doesn't matter (still had a view of the ocean) you will hardly be in your room except to shower and sleep! Just enjoy and don't worry
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