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    So here I am 5 days away from my vacation. So what do I do - go and check weather reports. What an idiot I am. Well needless to say, I wasn't happy. It shows thunderstorms. Okay, I know it's the tropics but you wait and wait and want nothing but sunshine and then you see that. I guess I'll have to try the old Italian trick, hanging rosary beads outside the window so it doesn't rain.

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    Try not to worry Misskathyi2009... We've been to Jamaica 4 times now and EVERY time I've checked-out the weather forecast before we would go. Almost always it would say "chance of rain or thunderstorms." And, you know what? It was sunny and beautiful 95% of the time... and when a storm would come through, it may have lasted anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour or so.
    Hope you have a wonderful vacation!

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    I have yet to see a forecast for Jamaica that doesn't call for some kind of liquid sunshine. Rain usually only last a few minutes in the afternoon.

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    I ignore all weather reports for Jamaica unless it has to do with hurricanes. I've seen reports similar to what you describe for our visits and had nothing but some showers in the early afternoon. They call it "liquid sunshine". But it was mostly sunny almost all the time. No problem.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    It almost ALWAYS says rain in the forecast. No worries - if it does rain - it will be short lived.

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    No Worries ---- You can check the weather report for Jamaica 365 days a year & you're going to get that exact same forcast at least 360 days ..... Does it rain everyday ???? ..... Most days but usually not for than a few minutes to an hour or so & then out comes the sun again .... plus, the fun doesn't stop just because of a shower. The last time we were there, it didn't rain at all for the entire week & we've had weeks like that before but that's not the norm .... You usually get some rain in the afternoon. It can also be raining at the resort right next door & the sun be shining on you ...... You just never know but it's sure nothing to worry about ..... It's "tropical sunshine" & nothing you can do about it anyway.

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    It rained a short time while we were at CSS this past February. Our advice to you is to get ALL the way under the roof of the swimup bar because the rain falling off the roof will dilute your drink!! NO PROBLEM, MON!!! ENJOY!!

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