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    Default Room suggestions at CSS! And honeymooner's 6-night stay spa credit...


    1. My fiance and I will be spending our honeymoon at CSS (first timers) in early November! We booked the ocean view beachfront suite because I decided I really wanted a jacuzzi :-), we thought the views would be good, and it was close to the beach. We DO, however, want a quiet of the reasons we chose CSS was because of it's small size/seclusion, but I was afraid the beachfront rooms would be kind of close to all the action and may be noisy...

    Does anyone have any other room/block suggestions? We requested a 3rd floor room on our online reservation for the best view--does this kind of request usually get honored, or should we call and speak to someone to make room requests?

    2. Does anyone know anything about the deal where if you stay for 6 nights on your honeymoon you get either a his/her massage or $100 spa credit? The site says two different things (his/her massage vs credit). Which is it? How do we go about collecting this? When we check in? I emailed CSS and didn't get a response a few weeks ago.


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    The only question that I can answer is that room request prior to arrival cannot be honored. When you are checking in, that's why you want to request a certain room/floor/block.
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    Hi and congratulations. You picked a wonderful spot for your honeymoon.

    CSS is a wonderful place and very quiet, so it really won't matter which building you are in, especially if you are able to get a third floor room.

    Please know that while Couples trys to accomadate all room requests, they do not accept any prior to when you get there. The rooms are assigned the same day as your arrival.

    If when you booked, they were offering a $100 spa credit then you will get that as well. And of course if you are staying for 6 or more nights then you get a his/her massage as well.
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    The Beachfront suites are all very quiet. We got a ground floor last time right beside pallazina, and to our surprise it was very quiet.

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    We stayed in the beachfront suites building A on the second floor. There is a large lawn between the buildings that the beachfront suites are in and the beach. The views are amazing and we didn't experience any problems at all with noise.

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    We stayed in a beachfront suite this past Feb in bldg A overlooking the swim up bar and I would not want that room again. We loved the location of the beachfront suites but the swim up bar can be loud. As much as I enjoy the fun if I am sitting at the bar..... when I'm on my patio relaxing and enjoying the view the noise can be disturbing. I will request bldg B next year.

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    We honeymooned there last year and loved it. As honeymooners, we got a bottle of champagne aka. sparkling wine, a cheese platter, and a 1/2 hour couples massage. You need to bring a copy of your marriage licence with you, dated no more than 30 days earlier that your trip to CSS.

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