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    Default wall hangings at CN

    Hello world!!! I am going to CN in October, and before I have even made it there, I have fallen in love with the wall hangings that are in the rooms! Does anyone know if it is possible to purchase these?!?
    I want one sooo bad and am on a desperate search to find them! Any help would be appreciated! Thanks so much!

    Julie Kemp
    Broken Arrow, OK

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    Last time we were there we asked about them and they said they weren't for sale. I didn't really inquire any further but probably could have gotten the info as to where to get them....unless they order them in bulk from overseas. They are really cool. I want one too.

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    Yeah, I figured they don't sell them right out of the rooms, but I wonder if you can find out where they got them and find them there... I am afraid I might be out of luck on this! I hope I am not - I really want one! =) Thanks for your response!

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    This has been on the message board before and I don't believe it is possible to get them anywhere. Many, many people would love to get one!
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