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    Default Debit Card?

    I have just read that an imprint of a credit card is required at CN on check in. We unfortunately don’t have a credit card, just a debit card – will this suffice?

    Only got to wait until Sunday – never been so excited – flying over from the very north of England where we’ve had one for the worst summers ever!!!!

    Is the weather good in Jamaica at the moment??

    Many thanks.

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    Your can use a debit card, but the will put a hold for $250.00 USD on it.

    From the FAQ

    Upon your arrival you will be welcomed with cold beverage and dampened face cloth. Couples Resorts requires an imprint of your credit card and a “hold” of USD$250 for incidentals and to supply a room safe box key deposit. [Each room at Couples is provided with a small built in safe]
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    Irie Mon

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    We had a credit card we just did not want to use it in Jamaica. When we arrived they asked us for the card.We asked if we could put a cash deposit she asked if we were planning on charging anything to our room we said no because we brought cash for everything we needed while there.So we gave her a fifty dollar cash deposit and when we checked out we were able to get our fifty dollars cash back. That was at the end of June at CN. Not a good idea to give a debit card. Hope you enjoy your trip as much as we did its Paradise!!!

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    We got a pre-paid credit card just for our trip. It worked just fine.

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    No problems using a debit card...just remember that if you do use one, make sure to inform your bank before you leave so that they don't think anything suspicious is going on when they see charges being made in Jamaica.
    Heather and Tim

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    Randymon just posted on another post that all resorts are now Cashless. When we were at CN in July for our 6th trip I too noted that I had to charge my gum to the room and they no longer accepted cash at the gift shops. Enjoy
    Ya Mon

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    The front desk will only take an IMPRINT of your card. If not charges are made to the room, the imprint is returned to you upon checkout. I personally called the resort to confirm this.

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