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    Default CSA photographer?

    First of all, if our honeymoon gift comes through, we will be staying at CSA 1/7/13 to 1/14/13. So very excited about it. I'm addicted to this message board. I stalk it just about every night, lol. I stopped going to TA because the of the complainers. I guessing those people did not spend much time doing their research. If they did, they'd know check in time is 3:00pm, GVS are by the road, not one picture shows marble, brass or gold, majority of the rooms have screens so a bug or two is expected, it a humid environment there will be mold, and it's JAMAICA, the resorts are not like those in Mexico or DR. Yes, it is kinda expensive, maybe not to most that go, but for us, it would be a every 5 year or so trip, but once you add all the free things included, it should be worth it. I have a funny feeling once we go, we won't be able to go back to Jamaica without staying at CSA.

    Ok, now for the reason of my question. I know there is a photographer that roams around and takes pictures, but can you set up a full photo shoot with them? This may have been answered before but i must have missed it. The candid shots will be nice but we are wanting a actual photo shoot. Has anyone done this and if so, what is the ball park price? As much researching that I have done, I haven't done so well on this one.

    Thanks for any help in advance! Can't wait to join the Couples family
    Mike and Tonya

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    Never mind, found it. Crazy how pricey pictures can be!
    Mike and Tonya

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    Yes, they are quite expensive.... we will be at CN for our wedding in October and we were looking at the resort photographer for our pictures. Let's just say we can get MUCH more for our money using an outside photographer! You might check around to see if taking pics with an outside photographer may be better for you. If you are wanting to go off the resort most photographers have a package where they will drive you around to different spots in the area and take pictures. It might be worth a peek! I am using Diana and Richard Cambell at digital memories collection. Diana is so sweet and will work with your budget. I would recommend giving her a shout! Good luck and have a great honeymoon!


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    We are also you Diana at she was able to work with our budget and she is soo nice. While looking at the resort photographer packages it was much better deal going with Diana.

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    exactly how much are these pictures at the resort?? are they sold as a package, or individually?? I have noticed that other people said the same thing about their prices...This will be our first trip back to Jamaica in 18 years, (we were married in Ocho Rios), but I like the idea of having professional photos taken around the property as a keepsake of our trip.....

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    I am not sure if the prices are the same for non-wedding photography... but for the wedding photography is was somewhere around $600 for 24 photos and negatives.....

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    Thanks for the links. I guess I've never really priced pictures, as we have been lucky in having a friend or family member that does it. Since I hadn't, I was thinking in the $300 range and you got a cd with a ton of pictures on it, but thats not the case. That will only get you in the range of 20 pictures. For what we are wanting, it's looking like about $1000 range. Just to much $$ for us. I'll buy a really nice camera and tri-pod for that, lol.

    Got a deal though, once we are confirmed for our trip, if someone is going the same week as us, I'll take as much pictures of you with your camera, you take ones of us with ours, then Shutter Fly here we come, lol. Combine that with a few purchased from the resort photographer, we'll be good to go, haha.
    Mike and Tonya

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