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    Default Anyone going to be at CSA 9/30/12 - 10/08/12?

    Just was curious! This is our first time out of the country and couldnt be more excited. We have NO idea what to expect. I heard its Hurricane Season around the time we are choosing to go (cause Im to dork that decided to book it during HS), but didnt know if the weather is still pretty decent around that time of year there or not!

    Only 5 more months to go!!

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    My wife and I will be there from 10/3 through 10/13, we will be joined by 2 other couples on 10/6. We've been to Negril before, you will love it but it's our first trip to CSA. Jamaica is a beautiful island with even more beautiful people, show respect, show love but most of all show the people you care. Our previous trip to another resort in Negril was spectacular, we stayed in touch with some staff members for many years! SOAK IN every second you are there and keep it as a memory ingrained for a lifetime.

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