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    Default Airport Liquor - NO Banana Rum Cream!

    Hello all, we justed returned from CN on Sunday (heavy sigh...). Wanted to give you a head's up that the Sangster Airport shops are under construction, and as such, there is only ONE liquor store open. As you can imagine, the prices are not as reasonable as they have been in the past because there is no competition! But, more importantly, stock is LOW, and they had no banana rum cream!!! They apparently restock, but there are no guarantees. We were in the shop for about 10 minutes, and we witnessed five couples also looking for banana rum cream, so it is in high demand. My advice to you would be to go ahead and pay the extra $ and get it in town. We were very disappointed.

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    When I was there it was too crowded to bother. When will the construction be finished?

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    Wow that is not good news. I am so glad you posted this thank you. I am at csa now and was going to get some at the airport.

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    What a bummer! I love Banana rum cream!!!

    Thanks for sharing your info - I will get it in town on our shopping trip then!
    Sorry to tell you but I will be on the gorgeous beach of CN in less than 2 weeks' time!

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    Thanks for the heads up! Can't come home without a couple of months supply of banana rum cream!

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    If I want some Tia Maria, I will get it at the Hi Lo in town

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    I was not happy ! I could have gotten it on resort in gift shop but waited because it's cheaper @ airport
    So will stock up next year for sure!

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    BUMMER! If there was literally only one thing I could ever bring back from Jamaica, it would be the banana rum cream, hands down!

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