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    Default wedding on november 11 2013

    Hello everyone !
    We are getting married on 11/11/2013. Since (by choice) we are going just the 2 of us, it might be cool to meet new friends to:
    * do the party some days before !!!
    * have people sharing this moment with us !
    * have photograph around !!! ;-)

    It can be a services exchange as I can consider my self as a "not too bad photographer", so we hope see you all there!

    It's our first time to Couple and I can't stop dreaming about this moment.

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    We will be there Nov 8th-14th. Will help anyway we can! Congrats!
    Bob and Tammy

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    Oh cool !!
    see you at the beach then !!! we also arrive on nov 8th

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    Sounds good!
    I think you guys will love it! It is absolutely beautiful there and everyone is so nice.
    Be sure to drink a dirty banana....those are my favorite!!
    My name is Tammy and my husband is Bob. I am 43 and he is 49. Look for us and we will do the same!
    See ya there!

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