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    Default Blue Mountain Coffee Prices?

    Hello!!! I have a question regarding the blue mountain coffee that you can buy around the resort or on shopping excursions.... does anybody know about how much it is for how much coffee? We are having our wedding there and coming back home and doing a reception, and I was thinking about bringing enough blue mountain coffee home and separating it out into little favors for everyone. Does anyone have any idea of the cost? Thanks so much!

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    You will no doubt get many responses to your question but here is our experience. In town, you can usually fine Jablum Blue Mountain coffee for approx $16/lb. We always get beans rather than ground. The airport is your next best option, with the resort itself usually having the highest prices.
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    Well that is very helpful! I have heard that the prices of almost everything is better at the airport... But I guess this has spawned another question - is there a limit to how much you can take back with you to the states?

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