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    Default wedding documents

    Has anyone had an issue with couples receiving documents required for getting married?I mailed all the required papers 5 weeks ago in the same certified envelope and they email me today saying they only received some of the is that possible?

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    I have no idea how that's possible. They received all of mine without issue. I'm sorry you had that problem though.
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    I would think someone misplaced them when they took them out of the envelope. I didn't have any problems. I received an email from the stateside coordinator that all was received and well for my wedding in August at CN.

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    Funny I should read this thread today 4-18 as we were told today (from FL office) that our documents weren't received at all - I rushed home from work in a panic to get my tracking # and to the post office to find that it delivered and was signed for on Mon 4/16. Now granted this was booked under the 45 days they request without the additional $200 fee which we paid and after talking to couples which said it wasn't to late to we booked the wedding on 4-7, got confirmation on 4-9....mailed documents on 4-11. Emailed the FL office 4-16 to see if everything was received ok, and not until today when I emailed again to see if all was received when I got a reply saying they weren't...Once i sent the tracking info to FL office and the name that signed - they came back to me and said all was received and they would send off to Jamaica - i also learned today that Jamaica needs 14 days to process documents no matter how early or late you send them in.....if I would not have checked (2 attempts) who knows what would have happened (as I'm dreamy in the background planning on marrying my best friend on 5-4) fingers crossed all will clear for the certificate with Jamaica government as we arrive CSA on 5/1......cutting it too close????? Late bookings should be notified of deadlines and someone should be making sure all is going thru if they say it is ok to book late. Fl office can't even tell you if all was received ok - they told me they don't even see the documents - they just receive and send off to now as we count down 13 day until we arrive ----will all be ok? We are sooooo excited to arrive - just want everything to go smooth.... venting, sorry... I've asked for the onsite wedding coordinator email - I'll feel better once i touch base onsite.

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