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    Default CSA May 7-12 questions

    My fiancé and I are coming to CSA on our honeymoon. We have never been before. We currently have the Atrium Suite but our travel agent was very vague...what kind of style is this? I know we won't have TV but is it like a bungalow type thing or is it hotel style, what?

    What kind of activities can you do outside of the resort and would you suggest stepping foot out of it..we have heard mixed things about this.

    Are there certain things that you wish that you would have packed and didn't, or things that the average person wouldn't think of that you were glad to have?

    Cant wait!!!

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    The Atrium suites are only 4 to a building (2 on the ground level and 2 on the top floor). They are more island-like IMO. They have screens with shutters (not glass windows) and no TV. I'm staying in a beachfront suite, which is the same style, just closer to the ocean. Many people on this board LOVE the atrium suites.

    I haven't been there yet, but some of the activities I've seen mentioned are Rick's cafe, a tour of the Appleton rum factory, horseback riding.... You can also just walk down 7-mile beach and find many things to do.

    Something to make sure you pack....bug spray. Sand fleas can be a problem, from what I've read, on the beach, especially at night. Another thing you would never think of, that's romantic, strings of Christmas lights to decorate your veranda.
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    So many questions that you may be better served using the search thread tool to find previous answers. I will try to help though.
    First the room. The Atrium Suite is in a type of beach villa building and not a hotel type. There are 3-4 rooms per building and walkways with island vegetation running between them. There is also no glass in the windows. Screens for bugs and adjustable wooden louvers for air flow and privacy but you get to hear the peeping tree frogs and waves on the shore. We love that! All rooms do have AC and these rooms have no TV so no competing programs from neighbors.
    Activities: So much to do on the resort and things that are included. Snorkeling, glass bottom boat, catamaran sunset trip, etc. You would be smart to only plan one thing if you leave...two at the most. Once on the beach you will not want to leave it. You can book trips to Appleton Estates, the Black River, YS Falls, horseback riding, atv tours, etc at the resort. They cost extra. You could also just take a cab (about $15) down the road to Rick's and see the cliff divers like some people do. Great sunset view from the cliffs.
    Things to pack: Start by putting shorts and flip flops in your carry on to change into at the Couples Lounge in the airport. That makes the trip so much nicer. Have singles available to tip the baggage handlers at the airport and some money to tip your driver. Non Couples employees do get tipped. Your own prescription snorkeling mask if you wear glasses. So much nicer to see the fish. Now search this on the Couples Message Board as there are so many suggestions to be found and so little space here.

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