Okay, you don't HAVE to be a past bride to respond, I just want to get an idea of what everyone tips for various things. I tend to be a big tipper and my soon-to-be hubby tends to be on the cheap side. (He was shocked the first time we went to a happy hour, where everything was half price, because I tipped 20% on what the bill would have been without the half prices savings--so a 40% tip on the actual bill. Hey, it's not the servers fault it's happy hour...they are doing the same work they do when it's not happy hour.)

With that said, we've been paying for this whole wedding ourselves and still have a lot of money to come up with (photographer's balance, scuba certification, hair/nails, etc.....), so I would like to be generous, but not make someone's year, you know what I mean?

So, here are the people I know we will have to tip:

1. minister (I have no clue on this one....$25? $50?)
2. salon services (Do people tip 15%, 20%?)
3. luggage porters ($2 per bag okay?)
4. couples van driver ($5 okay, or should it be $10?)
5. driver for any excursions we do (same question as van driver)
6. the catamaran crew (I have no clue on this one....)

Also, is it customary to tip Elvis if we go parasailing? Say it's $120 for a couple, is just the $120 good, or should we toss in an extra tip?