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    Default Did CSS Steal Our Sax Player?

    We want him back at CTI! I've seen alot of photos of a sax player there, but none recently of him at CTI.

    One of my alltime favorite and lasting memories was of a moment during our first visit to Couples in 1995. We checked into our room after a long flight and ride to the resort, and there was a sax player on the dock who could be heard beautifully in our room. It set the mood for a vacation that would lead us to return to the resort over and over.

    I can still remember it like it was yesterday, and hope that I get to relive it in 27 days.

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    Yes, CSS did steal your sax player.... and NO YOU CANNOT HAVE HIM BACK!!!!! As you have enjoyed him walking through the property playing, we also had that privilege. Sitting on our balcony, listening to his sweet music, overlooking the ocean, was a very memorial time for us. He added so much to the atmosphere of CSS and I look forward to him playing his music when we return in October. Maybe check with Randy to see if you can "borrow" him back for the week you're there, but come October, he is all ours.... muhaaaa muhaaaaa.....

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    LOL! Great response.

    Randymon, any chance that we could borrow the sax player for an early evening or two at CTI during the week of June 30 - July 7?

    Any consideration would be most appreciative.

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