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    Default Pleasant surprise at CTI...

    I just read how CTI is no longer having the Cat Cruz after a certain date and it reminded me that I never posted about this. We have not been to CN in a few years so I do not know if this is at all the resorts now but I know CTI did not have this last year when we were there.

    CTI offers room service in all category of rooms...all day addition to the 'leave the card on your door the night before' breakfast. The 'leave the card' starts at 6:30 I want to say--but can't remember for sure. The room service was actual hot food and I think started at 7:30. Dinner went up to 9:30 I want to say.

    It was a nice addition we thought--could go back to the room and order room service before dinner to get another fix of jerk chicken!!

    Oh...and wi-fi is all over the resort. Kind of good, Kind of bad. I remember the good old days where you walk around the resort and no one was on their cell phones. Now it's just like everywhere else...but of course, we took advantage and sent emails from the beach.

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    do you mean css

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    do you mean css
    Everything posted screams CTI...

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