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    Default We just booked our October Honeymoon!!!!

    SOOO Excited! We just booked out October Honeymoon for the 8th -15th in a Beachfront Suite.

    This will be our first time to Jamaica! Any tips for us new-comers?

    Who else will be at CSS those dates?

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    Congrats on the upcoming nuptuals. You will love CSS!!! We also spent our honeymoon there October 2011 and are returning for our 1 year anniversary October 2012, but the week before you guys are there. We loved it so much, we just booked for October 2013!!!!

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    Hi! We'll be there the 6-14th, and will be celebrating our 5th anniversary - so CONGRATS! This will be our 2nd trip.

    I would recommend bringing half of the clothes you think you'll need (only swimsuits and few actual outfits). Make your dinner reservations every morning/early afternoon while you're there; check out SSB (au nauterale beach) even if you think you'll be uncomfortable because you might find it's just as relaxing... Take advantage of the free activities to make your own souveneirs to bring home, too!

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