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    Default Room differences at CSS?

    My wife and I tend to book lower category rooms since we try to be in Jamaica twice per year and because we tend to spend so little time in them. At CN the only real difference (other than room size/hammock) seems to be location, but the inclusions with all the rooms seems to be about the same.
    At CSS are there differences on the more expensive rooms other than size and location? Does in-room dining come with all rooms or just certain levels of rooms? Do they all have stocked mini-bars or just some of them according to room cost?
    Thanks! Any other differences you may know of would be appreciated too,
    All the best-

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    All rooms at CSS are equal when it comes to amenities. In room dining and stocked mini bars are available in all rooms. Now, for the best part! In our opinion, some of the best rooms at the resort are in the second lowest category - the deluxe ocean verandah! We have stayed in G 12 B and G 15 A, which are the 2 rooms at the very top of the resort. The view from up there is absolutely breathtaking!! And the balcony is very large, and very private! Also, D 20 is a corner room in D block that has a wonderful ocean view, and also a nice balcony. You can't reserve a particular room ahead of time, but there are many rooms in this category that are nice, and if the room you end up with is not suitable, the front desk staff will do whatever they can to try to get you in to a room when you arrive that is more to your liking, they are wonderful that way!

    Here is a link to some of our pictures taken from our New Year's trip when we were in G 15 A, there are some shots of the balcony, and the view from the balcony, to give you an idea of what it's like.

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    The biggest difference involves amount of steps you can handle on a regular basis. The beachfront suites are on the lower water level area of the resort. The buffet restaurant for breakfast lunch and dinner is on this level as well as the main pool with swim up bar. The beach party and International Night entertainment will be on this level. Beachfront does not put you on the beach but across the great lawn from it. The other categories of rooms are built up into the hillside with stone steps to get everywhere. In the upper area is the lobby, Casanova Restaurant, Baloon Bar for some evenings entertainment, spa, and mineral pool.

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    There are no differences in service in all the rooms @CSS & I'm pretty sure every one has a mini-bar.

    They all do have different bathroom & balcony options - the one bedroom suites have very large showers - while the beach front suites include jacuzzi's with smaller showers...

    The beachfront & Once bedroom suites have balconies big enough for a table & two chairs while the verandah suites have very large balconies & typically are high up with a view of the ocean & loungers...

    The one bedroom suites also have an additional sitting room with a tv & couch

    & the penthouses have all of the above

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    CSS inclusions and differences between rooms are exactly like CN (we just came back from a split between CN and CSS this Feb). The rooms at CSS are overall more spacious than any of the rooms or suites at CN (comparing suites to suites). In-room dining and mini-bars are avail in all CSS rooms. The location is really the big issue when picking a room category at CSS and if you prefer having an extra room for more space or not. Beachfronts are also key if you tend to spend your days A/N so less walking to and from. I like the ocean suites for proximity to the spa and gym and we spend more time in our room. You would probably be happy in the lower categories based on your quick post. Happy planning!

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    The rooms in D block are centrally located between the beach/Pallazina restaurant and the Balloon bar/Cassanova restaurant. Just a few flight of stairs between each and not far from the hidden jacuzzi and mineral pool.

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