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    Default Wedding Ceremony Sites at CTI


    My fiance and I are getting married at CTI in early January of 2013. We have signed on for the "One Love" package.

    I was wondering if couples who are familiar with the resort would please share advice and pictures regarding the options for wedding ceremony locations at CTI?

    Also, what about a wedding arch, trellis, etc? Are they set up already in designated spots, or is that something a couple can choose to pay extra for?

    I know floral decor of the ceremony site is an extra expense. Does anyone have any examples of extra decor, and a rough price quote of the cost?

    Thank you, thank you, thanks!

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    We got married at CTI in October 2011. We did the basic package and it worked great. We got married right on the beach and did the signing under their archway in the grassy spot near the pool. It was all very nice. Our archway for the ceremony was all nicely decorated with flowers and the grassy spot to sign the certificate also had decorated tables set up for our cake and champagne. Oh, and if you want my advice the rum cake is amazing! If you want some ideas/more pictures or have more questions just email me or friend me here on the website, and if you want to see our pictures just go to

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    My husband and I were married at CTI. We chose the grassy area by the sea wall, mostly because we felt it was a bit more private than the beach. We did not upgrade any of the flowers for the ceremony. I did purchase some loose flowers for my hair, which I had done at the salon and loved. My wedding photos are available on my facebook page at
    Kelly & Troy
    CTI 2010
    CSS 2013
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    To Jessica,

    Your pictures are beautiful! Thank you for sharing. It's easy to tell that you, your husband, and your guests were enjoying the wedding immensely. I especially loved the picture of you looking out toward the island. The way the sunlight made your hair glisten was beautiful!

    A few more questions...

    What does the rum cake taste like? Can you describe it's flavor? I've heard soooo many people delare that it's delicious, but I can't seem to imagine it.

    This is so silly, but did you bring your own pen to sign the marrige certificate with, or did the resort provide one? I've got very small handwriting and I was thinking of bringing my own, micro-tipped pen for signing such an important document.

    Oh, and I will friend you on this site! Thanks for the offer!

    To Kelly,

    Thank you, also, for sharing your photos! You and your husband looked so happy! Also, I think the flowers in your hair really accentuated the beautiful style you chose.

    And the arch your married under was really pretty. I loved the sheer white fabric. That didn't cost any extra?

    Do the two of you want to see my dress? I'm so excited to show someone a few snapshots my little sister took of me wearing it for the first time ever the other day, and my fiance doesn't ever check things like message boards, so I'm not afraid he will find it accidentally.

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    We have seen couples marry on the beach, the grassy area by the swim up bar in front of building 4 which overlooks the ocean & the gardens by the spa.

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    Hello Sydney,
    Our whole wedding party loved the entire trip. For hubby, my parents and my brother it was our first time to an all inclusive. My other three friends have done a fair bit of all inclusive s over the world and they all said that this was the best one they had ever been to hands down! I was married once before and got married the more traditional way...I have to say this time around was so much better for me! I wasn't stressed at all and was actually able to enjoy my day (and days before and after)!

    The rum cake really has a flavor all to its own. It wasn't overly sweet and has a bit of a fruity flavor (but nothing like a fruit cake I had ever had before). When I told our party that I ordered a traditional rum fruit cake I had a couple people turn their nose up and said they hate fruit cake (I'm not normally a fan either), but everyone LOVED it!

    We didn't have to provide a pen for the signing (oh and our priest was so funny and nice, a great guy). Honestly we only provided ourselves and we only paid extra for two extra flowers for the guys (can't spell that LOL) and the resort photographer, flowers for my hair, my mani pedi, hair and make up. Honestly, the lady who did my hair and make up was amazing, I highly recommend her (I had Tanisha). My bouquet was even included with the complimentary price because I just wanted different colors and they didn't charge me extra.

    Oh, a side note on the make up though. It is really hot and humid so a primer is really a must. I looked online and did some reasearch and ended up choosing "Smashbox" photo finish primer. It really works well, never had a problem with my make up for pictures (and it was really hot out). I also used a finishing powder from MAC. I ended up using not just on my face but used a large blush brush and put it on my neck and shoulders to help with the shine from the sun screen (yes, use sun screen!) On the sun screen note, I used a foundation with sun screen in it (mine was from Clinique). of just rambled on there! Sorry! I just get excited! I loved the whole experience so much! Can't wait to go back. And I hope you guys enjoy things as much as I did!

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    Not to worry, I love long responses with lots of information and enthusiasm, so I thank you for yours!

    I'm so glad your family and closest friends enjoyed their experience! Only my fiance and I will be traveling to CTI for the wedding ceremony, and we will be having an intimate but still semi-formal reception about three months following our wedding, which we will dress in our wedding attire for and whatnot. Anyway, it will be his first time outside of the United States, and it will be my first time to Jamaica, and neither of us has been to an all-inclusive before, so we are beyond excited! I have a countdown going on my computer right now...only 269 days until we will be in Caribbean paradise!

    Thank you for describing the flavor of the rum cake a little better! I have heard so much about it at this point, I believe I'll have to try it! I was hesitant, because I really don't enjoy fruit cake (Who actually likes fruit cake?), but if you still loved it even after knowing that you didn't care for traditional fruit cake, I have hope. Besides, rum cake is such an unusual wedding cake flavor, and I'm sure it will be interesting and fun to "discover!"

    Thank you for the hair and makeup and sunscreen tips! I have such fair skin, and I'm actually rather concerned about being a little tomatoey in nature by my third day in Jamaica, when the wedding is taking place. I'll have to be really diligent about my SPF application! I'm keeping a notebook of all of the suggestions I see, so that's getting jotted down now...

    And I'm happy to know that the minister is a sweet guy!

    May I add you as a friend on Facebook?

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    Hi Sydney!
    I would love to see your dress.

    The arch was not extra, it was the standard one that comes with the wedding. We, like you and your fiance, were alone when we got married. It was perfect! We walked down the aisle together. We chose not to do a private dinner, but had reservations at Eight Rivers that night and I stayed in my dress. If you want to friend me on facebook, I have another album from our trip that is not open like my wedding album.

    As far as the sun, I am very fair too. I tanned before we went so I had a good base and wouldn't burn.

    I think, if I recall correctly, we had two different cake layers. My husband is a cake freak, so I let him pick it out. We did one layer of the rum cake and another that was chocolate.

    If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Enjoy the planning. It will be wonderful.

    P.S. We just booked a return trip for October of 2013 (so far away!) except we are going to San Souci this time. When we were there for our wedding we decided that we would like to try all 4 resorts eventually.
    Kelly & Troy
    CTI 2010
    CSS 2013
    CN 2015

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    Hey Sydney, sure add me on facebook! Can't wait to see your pictures. I was also worried about burning before the wedding because I am fair skinned too. I did get a little bit of a burn on my back (while at the island) but it wasn't bad. We did the reception when we got back too (only 2 days after we got back). It was great because we where so relaxed that the ceremony was done we could just have fun at the party. Good times!

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