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    Couples does allow 1 single room per so many rooms booked for a wedding party. That being said, two males or two females can book a room as a same sex couple.

    I don't see an issue if the father mentioned shares a room with a friend, however I agree HE may feel awkward having just experienced his loss. My heart goes hot to him and his family
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    My husband and I have been going to CSA since 1995 (12 repeats) married in 1997 at CSA. I couldn't imagine if one of us were to pass away that the other would be restricted from going to a place where he and I fell in love, shared our love and created so many beautiful memories. CSA is our family! What a better place to go relax enjoy the rememberance of the one you loved so dearly and shared with the CSA family. It would be like losing two true loves in one breath. If one would truly be offended by a single adult individual, you clearly have the wrong picture of what CSA is about. There are many singles persay (wedding parties, individuals traveling together, family members etc) but they are truly harmless if your eyes are in the soul of the one you love. Not everyone mourns the loss of a loved one in the same way. This gentleman may celebrate the love of his life at CSA with his family and the couples around may give him peace knowing that he too had a great love that some never find........

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    thanks for the input, especially improvgirl. i'm going to tell my brother-in-law that specifically, then tell him to just contact management and see where it goes from there. while i do agree that Couples being for couples is part of what makes it so special, this trip was about to be booked as a couple when everything changed. if it was someone else asking i can't honestly say where i'd fall in, which is why i asked.

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    Everyone here loves Couples, but so many don't seem to trust Couples to run their business when it comes to deciding who will and will not be allowed to visit.

    Why not show your love of Couples by just enjoying your vacation and leaving the running of the resort to them?

    Then if Couples decides to allow someone who is not part of a couple to visit for reasons they don't need to explain to you... then you can show your humanity and your love of Couples by simply continuing to enjoy your vacation while accepting those vacationers that Couples has accepted.

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    Perfectly explained jamaican_junkie and I totally agree.

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