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    Default Repeaters Dinner at Couples Negril

    We just took advantage of the great sale for 2013 dates. We booked for July 1st, through the 8th, which is a monday to monday. This will be our 6th trip back to CN, but have never encountered this before. Since we are arriving monday around lunch time ( I assume), will we be able to still attend the Repeaters Dinner that night ? We will be leaving the following monday, so we will be unable to go that night. Has anyone had any experience of arriving on monday, and going to the Repeaters Dinner that same day ? Thanks for any help anyone can give me... Also counting down the days, until we arrive at CN on May 25th of this year, for a quick 4 night trip. I can always check into it then.

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    We were at CN last March, and we arrived on a Monday and departed the following Tuesday, so we were actually there for two Mondays. We didn't want to spend our last night at the repeater's dinner on the second Monday so we went to guest services right after check-in, and they added us in for that first Monday. I suppose it may depend on whether it's already filled to capacity or not.

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    You most certainly can attend the Repeaters dinner. There is usually a few empty chairs as people decide not to attend at the last minute.

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    Yes, you may. Be sure you mention it when you check in.
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    We've arrived at CN 3 different times on Monday & have always had the invitation given to us for that night when we check in along with our massage coupons, t-shirts, etc. ..... I just walk over to the guest relations desk while we're in the lobby & tell them whether we're going to attend or not. We have only attended it once out of those 3 times, though, because we've gotten there so late that it would have been a MAJOR rush to get cleaned up & get to it. The time we did go, we were so EXHAUSTED from being up since 3:00 am & traveling all day, that we didn't much enjoy it & would have rather just had a chance to unpack, grab a quick meal, & go to bed. If you get there early in the day you should be fine & be able to attend.

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