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    Default Making a Wedding Website?

    We are planning our wedding next summer at CN. I thought i seen something on the website, maybe through the group discount link??? that mentioned something about a wedding website.

    Has anyone used this? Or has anyone made their own wedding website? Was it useful or a waste of time?

    We are expecting round 10-20guest, @CN and then we are also planning on having a party at our house when we return. All the wedding website templates that I found, don't seem to really fit all the things that I would and woundn't want on it, ya know.

    Any thoughts?

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    I am using for the wedding website. It's free and very easy to setup. If you know a little html, that would also help. Since I do know html, it really helped with formatting, and aligning. Checkout our site, If you have any questions, let me know! Send an email to

    Oshana and Marquel
    CTI - 10/9/10

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    I noticed the orginal was a question from the summer 2009 but also think it might be nice to share wedding websites for ideas etc and help other brides just starting out.

    So a big thank you to Oshana and Marquel for sharing their website.

    Here is mine still not completely done.

    this is also a free site but I upgraded to be able to have music

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    I made our wedding website thru I put travel information, and information about the resort for my guests.

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