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    Default Question for CSS experts who have also visited CSA

    My husband and I love CSA and have gone yearly for the last three years. He can't swim and so the beach at CSA is really appealing to us because of the gentle waves and shallowness of the swimming area. We love our floaties!! Can anyone please tell us what the beach (I read that it is smaller) and swimming areas at CSS are like for a non-swimmer? We are thinking about adding CSS into the mix but are concerned about leaving CSA because we don't know what the water/beach are like there.
    Thanks in advance for any info!

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    We have been to both resorts twice - we were at CSA in February this year. On our first trip to CSS, our initial reaction was disappointment. The beach is very small and the sand a coarse, almost pebbly texture. That said, it is now our favorite and we go every other year to CSS and another couples resort the other year. We are really beach people and spend most of the day on the beach which you can do at CSS even though it isn't as lush. It's a smaller swim area but not many people swim so you can certainly enjoy swimming or floating around. We love the beach bar, Bella Vista restaurant (for both lunch and dinner) and overall, the intimacy of the resort. We take walks all over the resort. Around the pond we njoy seeing the variety of wildlife there, talking to crackers (lol), a massage in a hut overlooking the water. Obviously, I would encourage you to go for it. The big plus it has over CSA is the smallness (I think about 1/2 the rooms) and the privacy of the resort. Have fun deciding!

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    Same as CSA except much smaller and no soft white sand...just darker course sand. CSS is in a bay like CN, so the water is generally very calm. The ropes are at 4-5 foot water depth and are quite a ways out.
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    CSS has a lot of good things to offer, but for me ,the beach and especially the water, aren't two of them. I"m a big beach lover, nothing I love more than being on my floatie at CSA,love love love spending my day in the water, but on my 2 trips to CSS I only went in the water once each trip. Reallly didn't like the feel of it. But.. like I said, it does have other good things to offer.

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    Both beaches have little to no waves most of the time. Beyond the shoreline CSA has a long gradual slope to the all sandy bottom and soft white sand. CSS is a man made beach with imported sand that is like a construction grade which sort of cakes when wet (you will see this in the morning after they rake it) and the bottom has a few rocks and some occasional sea weed. Not far beyond the rope that marks the end of the swimming area the coral and rocks take over the bottom. CSS may actually be calmer than CSA as those things are so close to shore and break the waves. The beach at CSS is isolated between the cliffs and a treed land mass that extends into the water so it is a private beach in a mini cove. CSA is public along the edge of the water. CSS does also have an au natural /sunset beach on the other side of the extending land mass but the sand here under the waves has a lot more stones and can be rough on the feet. Most people in the water here at CSS are on their floats and I am sure you will be the same. No undercurrents or anything so have no fear of the water.

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    Thank you very much for your helpful replies-- exactly what I needed!!

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    Both very calm. Took some doing to convince Tommywommy, Nazie, and some others to try the "other side of the island" but once I got them there, our next trip was to CSS and the others are returning there this year. Next year back to Negril only because I miss it, but I have to say CSS has my heart in a different way than CN. CN for the beach, but CSS for everything else.. You will hear folks say if they could take CSS and drop it on CSA or CN's beach you would have perfection. Well enuf said...

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    CSS is a very intimate and romantic resort. On the small size so no crowds and several secluded pools and hammocks. My wife and I were married there and nothing will beat the stone walkway leading under the tree lined canopy to the secluded wedding gazebo overlooking the Caribbean waters. No bathers passing by in my wedding photos. Nothing will compare to the amazing beach at CSA but for quiet and romantic CSS has them all beat.

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