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    Default We are back:(

    Yup, we are back in Wisconsin. Susie in Hartford and Louie in Nekoosa. We had another awesome stay at CSA and will write up a brief review in the next day or two.

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    We are back home too. We had a wonderful time and the weather was perfect.

    Did you see the huge manta ray swim by the beach? We saw it when we were playing volleyball one morning.

    Life is good

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    I am so looking forward to reading your review from your stay at CSA! My husband & I are from St. Pt., WI and will be leaving for CSA in 181 days, 12 hours, 24 min. (October 21st) to celebrate our 20th anniversary.
    Sounds like you have been to CSA before ~ anything you can recommend that is a "must do" while there? We are so looking forward to seeing & doing all we can while we are there.

    ~Deb & Rick~

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    Here is our review.

    We posted it under CSA 4/6-4/14(not the best title--IK)

    This is a brief review of our latest trip to CSA (4/6 to 4/14). We flew Delta (Ohare-Atlanta-Montego Bay). Flights were great all on time and in fact we arrived in Montego Bay 20+ minutes early due to a 55+ mph tailwind. Customs and immigration went smoothly-maybe 20 minutes. Checked in at the Couples desk and told them we were going to take Timair. The Timair rep was by us shortly, only to inform us that the plane had just left for Boscobel and would be back in 45 minutes (we had made prior reservations-looking back we should have just said forget it we are taking the shuttle as we hadn’t paid yet for the flight). Remember this is 45 Jamaican minutes-lol. In the end the shuttles beat us to CSA. I will be sending an email to Timair and will post a response if we get one. This would be the only real negative to the whole trip. Check in went smoothly although pre-check in didn’t work for us. We did have to inquire about the $300 credit we were to get due to the time of our original booking. We stayed in BFVS—3rd floor corner room (3 years in a row-our favorite room category). We are beach people so we spent every day on the beach in our chairs or floating in the water. We surprised friends of ours, who we met for the first time last year at CSA, who were celebrating a birthday by showing up on their last day. Our friends saw us lounging on the beach and the sight of the two women running to each other must have been something to see. We have no idea how early people must get up to get a palapa but it has to be dark out and some were probably used less than 2 hrs/day. We were never really interested in one but others may have been as we go for the sun!! Weather was great!! It was great to have employees come up to us and say, “I know you from last year or the year before that”, and after a brief reintroduction remember us exactly. The manager’s cocktail party and returning guest dinner was very nice. The food we think was the best it has been in all our trips (more fond of Lemongrass than Feathers now). We did take a trip to Mt. Airy Basic School with a suitcase full of school supplies that Susie’s students had donated. We used the fitness center and/or the lap pool every morning and Susie did yoga on the beach one morning also. Now for the return flight home we are in the AA line and a Mgr. comes out and asks if anyone would like to give up their seats for a $300 voucher to be used within 1 year. Well we did it (flew back on US Air) (we were given our 2 vouchers before we left the ticketing area) and we only arrived 1.5 hrs later at Ohare than our original flight. So it looks like we have part of next year’s trip paid for. If you have any questions ask away.

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    Nope we missed that but did see the stingray.

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