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    Default First timers to CTI, Question about tipping.

    We are going to be at CTA 10/21/12-10/28/12 for our honeymoon. We are so excited, but also have a lot to learn before we go as this is out first time going to Jamaica or an AI resort. We've learned a lot from the forums already but still had a couple questions. I know we will not tip resort employees, and that we do have to tip guides, and drivers, ect. But do they accept US dollars as tips or do we have to convert some over to Jamaican dollars? What about other vendors off resort, will they accept US dollars?

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    You will tip in US dollars! We have never converted any US dollars to Jamaican in 4 previous trips! US dollar is preferred in almost ever, tips, etc.

    Have a great trip!

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    Everyone is happy with US...we've never exchanged money.

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    Use US$ everywhere you go. On the resort tip only the spa employees and the cat cruise personel. All purchases on the resort (spa and gift shop) are charged to your room and then settled with a credit card when you check is not accepted Off resort, do not use your credit card. Take small bills because you may get your change back in Jamaican...even at the airport.
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    I can speak for the drivers and spa staff for sure, they will take US $$$. I would expect the tour guides etc, also are used to taking "foreign" currency in tips. We did stay on the resort, but I would expect you can just take along US cash and be done with it.

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    Thanks for the replies everyone! We are super excited to go!

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