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    Default Visit CN if staying at CSA?

    Is it possible to visit another Couples resort for the day if you like?

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    Couples does have a trading places program in their Romance Rewards offering. You can get a 1 day pass to another resort in the same town if space is available on the bus to take you. You must make a reservation and you leave at 10:00. Once there you can enjoy all the beach, pool, food, and fun but have to leave by 4:00 to return to your resort. That means no staying for dinner as seating is limited at the fancier restaurants and they do not want you to push guests staying there out of a table.

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    Yes, sign up for Romance Rewards and Trading Spaces.

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    Anyone know?

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    If you want to leave before 4 pm you are on your own so bring cab money. We wanted to leave cnegril but couldn't because we didn't bring any cash.

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    Yes u can and should take advantage of that. It's a ball! We've stayed at (and LOVE) both CN & CSA. So next week we are going to CN but definitely going to spend a day at CSA! Get a smoothie at the sports pavilion. Good beach for throwing a frisbee and mixing it up with the ppl and the veggie grill next to the beach is sure to see us too! (YUM!) -good times ...happy vibes!

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