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    Default romance rewards for 2 week stay

    We will be visiting CSA for one week in May, then transfering to CN for the second week. Will we be able to attend repeaters dinner our second week at CN? This is our first trip to couples, but we will be staying at two different resorts, each for one week.

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    We had friends that did CSA/CTI split and they were invited to the repeaters' dinner. It doesn't hurt to ask once you get to the 2nd resort. For anything else, it can take a while to get your nights registered, so you would not receive other perks.

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    We did a split last year between CSS/CN. A British couple transfered with us from CSS to CN. They had just stayed a week at CTI and were on to their second week at CN. I told them they should register for romance rewards to get the perks for their next trip. They asked when they checked in, and were given the free T shirts, so it definitely pays to ask.

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    We leave this weekend and are doing the same thing. What do we have to do before we go or who do we speak to there to set up the dinner and any earned perks? According to this site the visit days will not be added to our account till 30 days after our first stay but we will be there the next week at the second resort so technically we will have accumulated our days so just trying to figure out how to make them work.

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    Just make sure you're signed up already for the RR, then take your number with you when you go and be sure to give it to each resort when you check in. You don't need the actual card - just the number is fine (mine's memorized). I always say it never hurts to ask because you never know what you'll get.

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    Ok, so don't think of me as a hater, but I don't think that you can or should be able to take go to the repeaters dinner. I don't why, but to me it just seems like the repeaters dinner is special because the people that are invited, came back a second time to Couples, not transferred from one resort to another.

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