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    Default Saturday Departure

    We are planning a trip to Couples Negril for Halloween. We will be flying home on Saturday.
    I have been told that Saturday is very crowded at the airport and to avoid departing then if possible.
    Does anyone have any experience in departing on a Saturday, and if so how bad was it.



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    Hi Smokeyjoe. We left on a Saturday for the 1st time this past year & I hate to say it BUT it was PACKED! We will NOT being doing that again! Even the Mobay Lounge was at capacity & only let people in when other people left. However, this happened in early February which is the "peak" season so you may not experience the crowds like we did!! To answer your question, it was bad!!!

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    Have you ever flown out of Miami or Orlando on a Saturday or Sunday

    Montego Bay is worse, lines were out the door

    The resort sends you back 4 hours prior to departure even though the drive is just over an hour, you need it on the weekends.

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    We just arrived back in Wisconsin from CSA on saturday the 14th. The airport was your typical saturday departure crowd--not too bad in our eyes. We pretty much always come back on a saturday to give ourselves a day to get ready for work(we know not what you want to do after leaving the island) or in case there are any issues getting back we still have one day to spare.

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    It can't be any worse than arriving on Saturday... weekends are never good at MBJ, so grin and bear it. Couples will get you to the airport in plenty of time to get through ticketing, security, and maybe a bit ot shopping to spare.

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    We have flown in and out on a Saturday many times. The big thing is what time your flight is arriving to MBJ and what time it is departing. We come from NY and our Air Jamaica flight is either the first or second plane in so we breeze thru everything. Coming back is another story as our flight is one of the last at 7pm but CN has us on the bus at 2:30 to head back to the airport. The line moves slow and as Chris says you just have to grin and bear it. Once you get thru everything there are little shops and duty free shopping that await you while you wait to take off. BTW we came back on Sunday this year as it was pretty much the same as Saturday. Enjoy CN!

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    We've departed twice on the Saturday after Thanksgiving and it was not bad either time. It's probably kind of hit or miss. Departing on a Monday was definitely a lot quicker! The biggest difference was in the departing immigration area. Both Saturdays, there was a line, but on Monday, it was super fast.

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    We departed this past December on a Saturday (NYE) and it was empty! So was Atlanta, well, not empty but no waiting Could have been because it was NYE. Like the other poster has said, they will get you there in plenty of time!

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