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    Default Does CTI have bodywash, lotion & aloe vera provided?

    I was so pleased to find bodywash and lotion in the bathroom last year when we visited CSA. But the aloe vera was the best! Does CTI have the same items provided? It would be nice to know before packing!

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    Body wash is in a dispenser in the shower as is the conditioning shampoo. They also have a very nice bar soap. They have body lotion in small bottles on the counter, but no longer provide aloe.

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    Great to know. Thanks for info. Loved to find the aloe, I'll definitely have to bring my own.

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    I have quite thick hair and usually use a conditioning shampoo and a separate conditioner aswell, so am just wondering what the conditioning shampoo is like ?? Am just thinking about trying to minimise what I bring really, as have several bottles of suntan lotion, after sun etc and it is all adding up a little bit. Many thanks in advance

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