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Thread: June 10-16

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    Default June 10-16

    Flying in June 10, this is our first trip to Jamaica! Super excited!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Congrats...See you there, you guys are in for a treat!!!

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    We will be there on the 11th.

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    This too, is our first trip to Jamaica and first trip to Couples. 39 Days away

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    We are first timers and very excited too! We will see you in 33 days!

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    We are flying in on the 9th. This is our first time too. We can't wait!

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    We are also flying in on the 9th. Very excited!

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    We leave on June 11 and will be there all week! My husband and I can't wait!! This is our first time!

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    Hi, We are also flying in on the 10th to the 16th....... Our first trip alos and we acn't wait...... Counting down..

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    I can't wait..... We will also be there the 10th -16th next 2 weeks are gi=oing to take forever.....

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    We are flying in on the 10th -16th...... These last 2 weeks are going to take forever!!!!!!!

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    1 week, 4 days, 1 hour, 1 minute, 36 seconds...

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    In the Single digits

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    One more wake up!!!!

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    My new wife and I just got married last Saturday and are looking forward to a great trip to couples negril! We will be arriving on the 11th and can't be more excited!

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