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    Default Fear of heights and CSS?

    Hey! We are trying to decide on one of the resorts for our wedding/honeymoon, and my husband-to-be is afraid of heights. We've been leaning toward CSS, but we are wondering if that would be an issue since it is built into the cliffs. Thanks, y'all!

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    Hi RnK!
    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding and honeymoon!!! CSS would be a lovely place to celebrate your wedding/marriage! There are many room categories to choose from! If you selected and Beachfront Suite your suite would be on beach level and you would only have to treck up to the lobby level and the Balloon Bar when you wanted too! You would have the beach and 2 restaurants on 1 level and wouldn't have to go upstairs unless you were leaving the resort for an excursion or going to the Balloon Bar! I don't think the height would make your hubby nervous!

    Have a wonderful weddingmoon!

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    Don't think that CSS's location on the cliffs would be an issue just because your fiance is afraid of heights but I don't know how bad of a fear he has. We normally stay in Negril .... LOVE LOVE LOVE CN & are booked for trip #6 ..... CSA is great also ..... Both are on the level ground with a GREAT beach ...... CSS has GORGEOUS views, though, due to being a little higher. Our room at CSS (block D) walked in from the area down several steps from the lobby & but our balcony then looked out over the beach area & was maybe 3 stories up. Just a note - the pictures you see on Couples website are what it actually looks like if that helps at all ..... Not like some other Jamaican resorts that we've stayed at that don't look much like the pictures on their website or in their brochure. Really don't think that your fiance's fear of heights will be an issue if CSS is where you go .... It really is a GORGEOUS resort & our room there was lovely.

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    The inclines are fairly gradual and there are no real large drop offs and I'm not great with heights, but I guess it depends how strong is fear is.

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    I really can't imagine that he would have any problem. The rooms are not on sheer drop-offs or anything like that. A third floor balcony would be about as much of an issue as you could encounter. The wedding gazebo may be a bit high, but you could get married on the beach. Also, if you choose a beachfront suite you would be assured of being on the beach level blocks (A and B).

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    Thanks so much for the replies! After much talk and consideration, we are going to go with CN due to the beautiful beach pics we've seen. Its' good to hear that the height thing shouldn't be an issue because from all all that we've read here, I have a feeling that we'll be heading back to Couples! I'm about to book our trip for April 13-20, 2013!!! One year from now we'll be married!!!

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