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    Default Best/Worst CN building for Garden Deluxe room?

    My wife and I will be at Couples Negril later this month. We are going to be staying in a Garden Deluxe room. I have read on some negative reviews that there are some buildings that are close to the street and can be a bit loud. I am wondering if there is a particular building to request to avoid this. What are your favorite buildings to be in? Any suggestions are most welcome. 3 WEEKS!!!

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    I have not found the road noise to be much of a problem in the past, but it varies. If you keep the shutters closed in the bathroom it minimizes the noise a good bit.

    We were in Building 1 last time and our balcony was right in front of the Spa. The view is beautiful but it felt like there was no privacy on the deck because when the spa is not busy the staff members are sitting on that deck right in front of you. The folks at the spa are awesome and not noisy at all, it just felt like there were a lot of people right outside our balcony sometimes. We might try a different building next time if we can. Other than overlooking the spa (which is beautiful by the way!) building 1 is very convenient.

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    We have stayed in buildings 1 and 2 and loved them both. They are both close to the restaurants and pool area and never had a problem with road noise. Building 2 was probably the quieter of the two because building 1 would sometimes pick up noise from the beach bar and grill.

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    We have stayed in 1, 3 and 4. We never had any issues with noise, at all! I will say 1 was convenient, but we felt we never enjoyed the gardens. 4 would be my favorite, the walk to the room through the gardens takes about 2 minutes and is beautiful.
    I wouldn't worry about it at all. Just enjoy the perks of the room you get.

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    We've been in all the buildings and have never experienced road noise. Believe me, it is all good.

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    We were in building 4, room 4107 in February, and loved it. Noise was not an issue other then some folk slamming their room doors one morning, probably departing. Enjoy.

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    Thanks for the info.
    2 WEEKS!!!

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    We've stayed in #3 twice - #4 twice - #8 once ...... All were fine & convenient like all the buildings at CN are & we don't really notice the road noise at all ..... Never sure what people are referring to when they talk about this being a problem ..... We live out in the country & are used to total silence & what little noise there is from the road is not a bother to us at all. Just be happy to be there & don't stress about the room.

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